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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Match 4 Rainbow - Michael Albert Gilkes


Price: $1.99

Love casual puzzle apps? If so, check out Match 4 Rainbow. Try and match up all colored orbs to get the jackpot-a super Rainbow Bonus in Match 4 Rainbow by Michael Gilkes. It’s a fun-filled, relaxing and cheerful game available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and also compatible with the iPad, available now through iTunes.


Match 4 Rainbow offers two main game modes: Slide Mode and Swap Mode. In Slide, players have a limited number of slide moves to make before the game is over and must try to slide orbs to match up with like colors. Every time a match is successfully made, the move counter resets. Swap mode is similar, except you swap pieces all across the board, instead of sliding ones near each other. In both game modes, gamers must match up every different color of the rainbow to move onto higher levels. Different colors may be unlocked as well if players are successful at lower levels. As a fun addition, players can initiate the bonus clock, allowing them to potentially score more points, but also risking ending the game sooner. There’s a lot of replay value in this little app, making Match 4 Rainbow a fairly game overall.

Graphical Layout:

Match 4 Rainbow

If you liked Bejeweled and similar games, you’ll feel right at home with the Match 4 Rainbow graphics. Colorful, bright and symmetrical-it’s all here. There’s a nice set of animations that occur every time you match up enough orbs, leaving you with a satisfying feeling inside. Game layout is easy to navigate and loading times were negligible. Background colors on the menu screen also change, adding a sense of dynamism to the game, quite a nice touch!

One critique I have is with the font colors that overlay the orbs. Maybe it’s just the iOS screen I have, but the black text didn’t show up well when it appeared over the orbs (the text showing the number of points scored and “Chain Bonus”, etc). I also had a harder time reading the yellow font displayed on the main screen when it was layered over certain background colors.


Match 4 Rainbow has a light, cheery soundtrack that perfectly fits this fun puzzle game. Also, the sound effects when you successfully match up the correct orbs add a wonderful touch to this iOS game. There are in-game options to mute the sound effects, music or both, without having to exit the game.


Match 4 Rainbow includes both Open Feint and Game Center support, along with achievements in both those categories. Also, there are in-game options to view the leader boards using both those iOS game trackers, adding to the replay value of Match 4 Rainbow. At $1.99, Match 4 Rainbow is a little more pricey than many other game apps, but for fans of this type of puzzle game won’t be disappointed with its offerings.

Match 4 Rainbow iPhone app  [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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