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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

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Interested in customizing your house with unique electronic accessories, but aren’t sure how they will fit in with your wall colors? Want to get started with home automation, but don’t know what colors to choose for electronics? Check out the Legrand Arteor Colour Selector and HPM Linea Colour Selector Apps, available for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You’ll be able to take a virtual tour of their electronics line and preview how it will look on your walls!

Linea Colours, from HPM (an Australian electronics company founded in the 1930s) offers a wide range of unique electronic cover plate accessories. These consist of light switch faceplates, dimmer, fan controls, power plug in points, Tv/phone/cable cord faceplates. While many homes have rather drab and standard light switches, Linea Colours offers an impressive selection of creative colors to best match your dream interior design.

Legrand is a sister company, with an emphasis on home automation. For a glimpse of the splendid home products they offer, check out their website or visit the Arteor website for even more options. Be sure to see the SCS Touchplate, or the 10’’ Arteor Touch Screen, both truly futuristic and offer great aesthetic electronic additions your dream home!

Graphical Layout:

Linea Colours and Legrand Arteor offer a great range of colorful electronic faceplates for light switches, outlets and other plug ins. These colors show up great on both iPhone apps and definitely stand out from more generic light sockets and other electronic accessories. The screen images are sharp and crisp, and really help in designing your favorite interior set with matching colors for the walls.

Both apps are laid similarly, with slightly different background graphics and types of accessories available, based on the company. You can also take a photo of the wall or area you already own, than open it in Linea Colours or Legrand Arteor Colour Selector, and view the range of electronic accessories on your own home’s wall! Alternatively, you can select photos and images already in your Photos folder as backgrounds.

Ease of Use:

HPM Linea Colour Selector

Select a background (default wall types, or your own images), choose the type of electronic accessory you are interested in layering over the wall, and view it in Linea Colours and Legrand Arteor Colour Selector apps. You can also rotate the light switch, shift it, shrink it or make it larger; all with the touch of the hand (pinch and drag to resize the switches). Finally, you can save the styles you create to your Photos section for easy reference later. It’s a great interior design tool if you are planning on going with HPM or Legrand electronics.


For homeowners, builders and interior decorators, both the Linea Colours Selector and Legrand Arteor Colour Selector are great apps. It’s wonderful to be able to visualize the different custom light switches, power plugins and more on your own wall, be it for the home or office. Both apps are free and don’t take up very much space, certainly making them a great value for designers!

Legrand Arteor Colour Selector and  HPM Linea Colour Selector requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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