Lazy Larry Offer Lots of Lizard-Loving Fun for Littles

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

Lazy Larry for iPhone - Wasabi Productions


Price: $1.99

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a fresh children’s book style app blowing its way to the United States from Australia. The app in question: Lazy Larry by Wasabi Productions, and thankfully, this little bush gem offers a wealth of beautiful illustrations, fluid animations, and fun lizard-prodding fun for youngsters.

How Does it Look?

If we’re to treat Lazy Larry as a digital children’s book then there’s one concern that should be first and foremost on any parent’s mind: How does it look, and will my child enjoy it? After reading through the app, poking its lazy narrator, and wading through the lightly accented dialog, I can firmly promise that any small child will be delighted with the app’s presentation. The animations come from an award-winning illustrator, and the pristine colors and vibrant textures presented here make that very evident. Likewise, the writing is pleasant and “bushy,” offering a small, tasty slice of the Outback for your child to enjoy. The pastel tones and light tone of the reading make this a fantastic experience that looks great on the iPhone’s Retina Display. If you prefer a bit more real estate, though, an iPad version is available, as well as sequel, Look Out Larry.


Lazy Larry Lizard

What About the Features?

I appreciated that Lazy Larry offers a read-to-me function, allowing the book to read itself to your child while you, presumably, point things out and enjoy the show with your progeny giggling in your lap. However, beyond that Larry is a very simplistic endeavor, with basic forward, backward, and return commands forming the few intrusions on an otherwise minimalistic layout. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—in fact it focuses the attention on the story, rather than the interface. However, if you’re looking for feature-rich explosions and games galore, you’ll have to look elsewhere: This is strictly a digital reading experience, though a bloody good one, nonetheless.

My only other concern for Lazy Larry is its length: The book is composed of no more than ten pages, give or take. The app alternates between text and poke-initiated animations, which I liked immensely. However, depending on the age of your child, the length might bring about a sudden end. That being said, the app won’t drag out too long and bore your tike either.

How’s it for Value?

Priced at a comfortable $1.99 in the American AppStore, Lazy Larry is a cheap, high-quality book for young children. With such fantastic illustrations and good writing, the app is hard to pass up, even if the length is a bit bothersome and the lack of any extra add-ons a tiny bother. Whether your child is an Aussie born bushman or a city slicker from elsewhere, the app’s story will delight and entertain them, earning Lazy Larry a hearty recommendation.

Lazy Larry Lizard  [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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