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KipCall Video App Review

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

Have you ever been out and about when you really needed to get a hold of someone, only to realize you haven’t got their number? Were you friends with that person on Facebook? If you’d only had KipCall for the iPhone (by developer InterMobile) your digital-age stresses could easily have been avoided!

How Does it Work?

What KipCall offers is simple: A quick means of calling anyone in your Facebook friends list. If you haven’t been through your friends list recently, you might do so now,that way the usefulness of this feature might be more apparent. If you’re like me, you have far more friends than actual contacts. However, if you’re even more like myself, you do occasionally (or very often) need to call someone you’re friends with, though not enough to have their number. Enter KipCall.

Using the app, you are free to either call or email anyone in your friends list. Calls are immediately routed to the iPhone’s natural dialer, just like normal. A good way to think about it is that KipCall is like a super-sized contacts app, offering information about people you’re already acquainted with. Not only that, but you can also sort friends via their proximity to you, their gender, or even their age and relationship status.

As functional as the iPhone app sounds, the app has one major crack—the person you’re attempting to contact must also have KipCall. The app offers a handful of ways to invite your friends to use it, but this is still a serious problem. If you desperately need to contact someone, you’ll have to send them a message requesting their use of KipCall, and then call from there. Considering so many people are leaving their numbers in their Facebook profiles anyway, it’s a shame the app doesn’t make economic use of already available information. However, if your friend changes their information, the process of swapping numbers is certainly streamlined using KipCall.


Sure, but How’s it Look?

Thankfully, the presentation here is stupendous. Everything about the app feels familiar and tight, as any good iOS app should. It looks a lot like the standard contact app, with an alphabetized friends list for easy hunting. Settings, personal information, and pushed notifications: They all look fantastic on the iPhone’s screen, as the app ports a very professional vibe.

Do I Really Need KipCall?

Though certainly a bargain (free in the AppStore) and an excellent addition to a service you already have, KipCall is still a bit handicapped in its lack of support for already existing numbers. That being said, if your friends are using this app, it works brilliantly, and at such a low price the app is hard to argue with. Having so many numbers and emails in one place is certainly useful, and I give the app a full recommendation.

KipCall iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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