Want to Help Your Child Learn to Count? You Can Count on KidsAbacus!

Reviewed By: Philip Chan

KidsAbacus - Nicole Firnhaber


Price: $1.99

As a kid, learning to count could be quite frustrating as I was always running out of fingers to count with. The old abacus was a solution for this, but many children these days do not get to use an abacus. KidsAbacus by Nicole Firnhaber,  introduces your children to an abacus, helping them out in their counting skills. However, it’s more than just an electronic abacus, as KidsAbacus also contains money counting quiz function (in Dollars and Euros), an add-and-subtract item game, and a number quizzer. It’s a clever way to jumpstart your child’s mathematical skills from a young age with this calculating aid from Kids-Appstore.


KidsAbacus has very simple controls, allowing its target audience (probably kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders) to use this app with ease. Most children are exposed to electronics, including smart phones with touch screens, at an early age, so KidsAbacus shouldn’t present a challenge to them.

Graphical Layout:

KidsAbacus uses simple shapes, items and images for the different math options. The abacus looks decent and is probably sufficient to interest most children. However, the backgrounds are a little plain (just simple one-color backgrounds) and it feels like the overall graphics could use a touchup. Still, the layout is very functional and is just fine for the intended user audience.

Ease of Use:


KidsAbacus is set up for children to use and thus it’s really not too hard for grown-ups to figure out. I suggest playing around with the app a little yourself, then setting up a math mode and showing your child how to use it. Finally, once they’ve demonstrated knowledge of how to use it, let them tackle it on their own, counting money, doing math and so on.


At $1.99, KidsAbacus isn’t too pricey for an educational app. If you think your child would benefit from learning more about counting, or simply needs reinforcing of their counting and number skills, grab KidsAbacus. It’s not just an abacaus-I found the money counting option to be very useful for children and a great education tool (who doesn’t want to play with money?).

When you child becomes bored of counting numbers and money, let them loose to play with the objects and watch ‘em fly all over the screen. There are several different kinds of objects to move around and play with, including scissors, flowers, hearts, clovers and keys. KidsAbacus is a useful app for helping your younger children stay ontop of their counting skills, with several fun modes and a decent price. Check out KidsAbacus today through the Apple iTunes Store!

KidsAbacus iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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