Master Pickup Lines with your iPhone and iNeg Girls

Reviewed By: Philip Chan

iNeg Girls - Dragan Savic


Price: $.99

Want to level up your pickup artist game with a great selection of negs, all on a handy iPhone app? Check out iNeg Girls, from developer Fraoula. It combines a fun game with a huge collection of negs, certain to help guys out when trying to meet girls.

For the uninformed, a neg is a comment meant to sound like a compliment, but actually slightly insult the receiver. It’s a delicate balance between actually being outright insulting and just sounding cheesy, and a skillfully placed neg is meant to disarm a girl from her “lofty” pedestal, spark interest in you (she should be wondering “why isn’t he amazed by me?”) and keep a conversation flowing by forcing her to respond. iNeg Girls is an attempt at teaching interested pickup artists the art of using negs.


Simply tap or swipe to find negs on different girls. It can be pretty challenging, as many aren’t apparent from the start. I would give some examples but I don’t want to ruin the fun for you. The tap negs command seems to be pretty straightforward, but the swipe command didn’t make a lot of sense to me. The location of certain negs, found using the swipe, really seemed rather random and didn’t seem to fit in. Still, with practice, you’ll be spotting the negs right away in iNeg Girls!

iNeg Girls

Graphical Layout:


There are 4 different girls in iNeg Girls, each done in a rather fashion-forward, vector art style. The layout is sharp and professional-looking and fairly easy to navigate. Still not convinced?


iNeg Girls has a catchy beat that wraps itself throughout the game, provided from the designers at Fraoula. It fits nicely into the game. The actual app sounds are a little robotic and often sound somewhat awkward. However, they are very easy to understand and the audio is quite clear.


If you are looking to up your game and add some catchy pickup lines with the help of a little iOS app, iNeg Girls is probably just right for you. There’s 40 negs (10 for each girl), plus a way to scroll through and browse the individual negs once you have completed all the levels. The game only costs $0.99, certainly a steal if you are looking for more negs to use in your pickup artist mastery.

iNeg Girls iPhone app  [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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iNeg Girls iPhone Video App Demo

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One Response to “Master Pickup Lines with your iPhone and iNeg Girls”

  1. Dragan says:


    Great review. I think I should mention that after finishing all four levels you have the possibility to record your own negs and play them. You can actually hear your self talking, so you can adjust the way you pronounce a neg to sound even more interesting.
    I don’t have to go in details if you show this to a friend, laughing is unavoidable :-))
    Oh, when recording negs and playing them after, from time to time the girl will neg you :-)))

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