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Reviewed By: Philip Chan


Price: £49.99

Are you a business owner in the UK that wants to harness the power of the iOS network to boost your visibility? Look no farther than iBizz Business, a unique business app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch from developer Tridecimal. It’s a great tool that opens up loads of business opportunities through the Apple network, all thanks to this app, iBizz Business.

At its core, iBizz Business is a business directory specifically for the Apple iOS system, for users in the United Kingdom. There’s a partner app version for customers to use, called iBizz Standard. iBizz Business allows business to get listed through their service, then lets customers search for them locally or via a map view, and lists the business’ address, contact information, and user ratings. It’s a great way to boost a service’s visibility and also connect with customers.

Customers can directly contact business owners through the sophisticated built in messaging system, and owners can respond on the go with their iOS device, allowing great customer-service for small companies.

Graphical Layout:

iBizz Business looks professional and well-designed. The layout may seem a little simple, but it accomplishes what needs to be done in this business app. The built in messaging systems is laid out to resemble a normal text messaging conversation, quite nicely done and allowing easy following of communications. Using a Google Maps-style map view, business’s are listed and featured by location and address. Browsing this is smooth and easily done through the app’s touch screen controls. Logo’s and screens all are sharp and fit right in on the iOS system.

Ease of Use:

iBizz Business

For business and service owners looking to directly connect with customers, iBizz is spot on. This app has a built in messaging engine that allows customers to directly send messages to the listed businesses, for free. At the same time, iBizz (the Standard version) makes it easy for customers to find nearby businesses and locations, based off of the built in Location Services in the iOS and GPS (if applicable).  There’s also an array of search options for customers, ranging from searching via business category, location services, or “favorite” business categories. It’s easy to setup your account for a business, browse, navigate and looks to be great for connecting with clients.


iBizz Business is certainly not a cheap app, as it sells for £49.99 at the Apple iTunes store. However, for business owners in the UK, iBizz Business offers a lot. It’s a very new app and unfortunately the iBizz Standard edition is not yet publically released, however it is said to be out in the near future. It’s hard to figure out just how effective iBizz Business will be, with the partner app not yet available, but the overall design and options are very promising. iBizz Business has the potential to really connect business and services directly with their customer base, boosting sales for listed companies. Interested business owners in the UK should definitely look into iBizz Business and download it today from the Apple iTunes store!

iBizz Business iPhone app  requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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