I Learn with Poko: Seasons and Weather HD: Makes Even Rainy Days and Bad Weather Interesting

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

I Learn With Poko: Seasons and Weather! HD - Tribal Nova



Price: $2.99

One of the greatest things about the current generation of iDevices is their simplicity. They are, in fact, so easy to use, that even our children find them fun to play with. And with such a handy device, it’s no wonder more and more developers are engineering education apps geared towards small children, making use of modern technology to teach age old lessons. I Learn with Poko: Seasons and Weather HD is a brilliant example of this concept, and one I heartily recommend to any parent or caretaker.

Features and Design

According to developer Tribal Nova’s website, Seasons and Weather HD is designed to help prepare your child for school, one app at a time. Within the app, this is accomplished via three mini-games designed around the seasons, the days, and the weather. There are three different gameplay mechanics involved, which include picking what activity matches what day of the week, deciding which clothes to dress the characters in for the weather, and choosing pictures to match specific seasons for a photo album. The games are all well designed and very fluid, making for a fun and intuitive experience for your child. Similarly, the characters created by the developer—Poko, BeeBee, and Mr. Murphy—were inviting and animated, creating a set of companions to match the gameplay.

I Learn With Poko Seasons and Weather

All of the learning is, of course, wrapped in a pleasantly rounded and brightly colored environment that I guarantee your child will love. Combined with levels of gameplay that increase or decrease in difficulty based on the child’s responses, I was very impressed with what Seasons and Weather HD had to offer and how they offered it.

Fun and Value

I have no children of my own to try the app with, but of the parents and caretakers I polled, each thought the same thing: Seasons and Weather HD would be a blast for any child between three and six years old. One could easily spend thirty minutes playing a level with their child, and the educational experience offered here is as sound as anything you’ll find on PBS stations. However, I am a bit concerned about the length of the app, as I fear one might be done with Seasons and Weather HD after only a few sit-downs, especially with an older child.

Similarly, though the developer offers a French version of the app, I could find no way to change the language in-app. I am unsure if this is a feature in the works, but I genuinely hope it is: Having the ability to choose English or French is invaluable to me, and would certainly be so for others.

Bottom Line

At $2.99 in the AppStore, Seasons and Weather HD is a modestly price and engaging addition to the world of early childhood education on iOS.

I Learn With Poko Seasons and Weather HD [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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