Florist Now: Cutting out the Middle Man, Going Straight to the Bouquet

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

Florist Now ~ send flowers through local florists nationwide - Taha Selim Bebek


Price: Free

If you have ever felt the need to send a bouquet of flowers—perhaps for a funeral, or for a birthday—then you know it can be a rather uncomfortable experience. The complications involved with finding a florist in the area, picking a style of flower spread, and making sure it’s delivered on-time and on-location can be quite a hassle. To remedy your pollinated woes, Florist Now for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch seeks to get you straight to the flowers, saving both time and money.

Value and Usefulness

Priced very comfortably at the free mark, Florist Now offers an easy to use alternative to over-the-phone flower delivery. There is no fee to use the service—save the cost of the flowers—and the app’s amenities make the process even more fluid: Holiday alerts are a pleasant touch, and any wayward orders can be disputed in-app via the inquiry tab. On the whole, Florist Now and Florist One, the service used by the app, make buying flowers on the go easier than it has ever been. Though the scrolling interface issue does severely limit the available stock, you can expect the issue to be remedied soon. The app looks great on the iPad, but is also available for iPhone and iTouch as well. If you have the need to send some petals—or maybe need a center spread for your home—Florist Now has the flowers, and the features, you need.

Design and Function

Florist Now App

Florist Now features an elegant and simple user-interface that includes several iOS staples: A black, grey, and blue task bar along the bottom for easy navigation; information button along the top; thinly pin-striped gray background, etc.  Flowers are arranged in the center of the app using a grid-based icon spread. To select a different category of flower, simply click “select category” and then choose the appropriate thread. Categories include birthdays, funerals, amorous events, and centerpieces, among many others. However, though I looked high-and-low, I could not get the flower list to scroll. At first I assumed the sixteen or so bouquets shown were the only ones offered, but Florist Now insists there are hundreds more options. Though I’m confused, I don’t think this entirely kills the usefulness of the app, and I’m sure a future update will patch the problem.

Select any flower arrangement, and Florist Now produces a large, color picture of the spread along with a text description to match. If you like what you see, a button at the top adds the set to your cart, where a destination for delivery can be set, and the bouquet paid for. It’s all very elegant, and the app will even alert you of upcoming holidays. These alerts can be specified to your liking under the in-app alerts tab.

Florist Now [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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