Facebook’s new iPhone App Update is a Friend of Unfriending

Facebook App Update


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Ah Facebook, we love you. And, I am not just saying that because you can now unfriend me on the go, thanks to the latest iOS update. Rather, we genuinely love you, and applaud your valiant efforts to help people stay connected, even if they are married and secretly LOLing with thier ex-high school flames. However, we wish that you would put forth a greater effort in porting your services to the iOS world, as this remains greatly desired.

Facebook has indeed launched a new update, and two new features are available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. If you ever wanted to unfriend someone, and do it with haste, and just could not wait to get home to do it, your suffering is over. The new Facebook update has offers unfriending so that you can unfriend impulsively, even while at the bar, after Jagger bombs, when it is most ideal to make unfriending decisions.

The additional feature now added to the Facebook iPhone app is an ability for users to now “check in” to parties, events, games, etc. Prior to the update checking in to venues was the only option, but this has now been expanded. Foursquare is undoubtedly feeling the pressure from the Facebook app update and adding functionality, as the social giants continue to battle for supremacy.

While the update is appreciated, adding unfriending, as well as more robust check in features, the iOS app still remains deficient is a variety of areas.  Minimally the app needs to allow tagging of friends, an ability to “like” comments, and the iPad version, when viewed in full screen, is pixelated when utilized in full screen, and this this should be optimized.

But hey Facebook, and your unfriending update, your butt does not look big in those jeans, I love your new hair do, and my gosh you have’nt aged at all since high-school.

Facebook iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. 

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