Earth Flags HD Makes Carmen Sandiego Look Like an Amateur

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

Earth Flags HD -


Price: $1.99

Earth Flags HD iPad app, by developer Ordwiz, is an excellent addition to the world of iOS educational apps, if not a lavishly frilled one. The user interface is sleek and precise, making geography fun and engaging for people of all ages—that means you too, grown-ups.


What Earth Flags HD aims to do is simple: Teach you a little something about everywhere. And though it sounds like a daunting task, the app makes brushing up on basic geography a cinch.

When first run, Earth Flags HD immediately presents the user with a large spread of the planet, courtesy of Google Maps. The map can be altered from standard mode to a satellite-style spread, or a hybrid mix of the two, which I tended to prefer. But that’s just Google Maps repackaged! What does Earth Flags HD have to add to the mix? you might be asking. And the answer is: A whole heck of a lot, actually. Using the provided map, users can zoom about the globe, hovering over countries like an alien in a saucer. Moveable, semi-transparent windows overlaid on the map prove information about the population, area, currency, languages, calling code, and internet ID of each nation. In addition, the flag and anthem of each country is also provided. And using the world places tab, users can zoom to any country they wish with one click of an alphabetized listing. It’s all very intuitive, and makes for a great learning experience, especially with the iPad’s larger screen.

Functionality and Usefulness

Earth Flasgs HD

The iPad app performed very fluidly, no matter how I poked and prodded it. I checked some of the more obscure countries I could think of (looking at you, Vanuatu) and the app was able to provide a flag and anthem for each. There are some interesting anthem omissions, though, like Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, but at least “God Save the Queen” was included to cover them. The information provided is very informative, but I still would’ve liked to have see more: Like a short description of each state’s history, for example. If one knows a bit about the country being perused, the app is absolutely splendid. But for some of the lesser-known nations, a short paragraph detailing things like climate, government, etc. would have been nice.

Overall Value and Fun

If I were a primary school geography teacher, Earth Flags HD would make a mighty fine class-helper. The iPad app is easy to use, no matter the age, and it truly makes geography a blast. I enjoyed zooming about the globe searching for countries I had never seen before. Priced at a fair $1.99 in the AppStore, Earth Flags HD is a brilliant addition to any iOS educator’s repertoire.

Earth Flags HD [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.2.1 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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