Dramatize all of Life’s Interesting Moments with Dramatic Music App Plus

Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Dramatic Music App Plus - 21x20 Media, Inc.


Price: $.99

Ever wanted an entertaining soundboard for jokes with your friends? How about a drumroll for the punch line to a great joke? Or applause for your buddy’s noodle slurping abilities? Enter Dramatic Music App, a virtual soundboard of noises and beats to match your needs in all kinds of social situations, with hilarity sure to follow!


Dramatic Music App offers a huge selection of different sounds for different occasions. Accessing them is as easy as tapping on the colorful, speech/thought bubble comic-book-style text displayed on the screen, with the effect you want. Want a drum roll? Scroll to the page with musical instruments displayed and tap the drums. Need elevator music? Find the page showing all the different themed location beats.

There are four pages of sounds; each page is color-coded, with sounds included in the previously-mentioned format, and also at the bottom of the page. Dramatic Music App pretty much as covered all the main sounds you would ever need for a wide variety of events, with over an amazing 50 different sound clips for you to use.

Dramatic Music App Plus

Graphical Layout:


Dramatic Music App is designed in an almost-comic book style, bright, colorful graphical style. The different sounds are indicated by related icons (for the most part) and it’s pretty easy to locate a sound to use, thanks to the layout. Everything is organized really logically and the colors don’t clash with the overall theme. 5 Stars here for sure!

Ease of Use:

There isn’t a help tutorial in the app for Dramatic Music App, but one is hardly needed. I was able to start up the app and use it without any problems right away. It’s really simple and easy to pick up, even for those not familiar with the iPhone. The color-coded pages make the sound easy to find, once you get used to using the app.


The sheer variety of sound clips in Dramatic Music App really make this app a must-have for any socially-geared individual, prankster or just someone looking to have a great time with friends.

Loops, events, emotion, and instruments with loads of different sounds under each category are offered through Dramatic Music App. I can see this being a great app at a parties, or small gatherings, board games, etc. Try it out in the office (just be careful!) or in the car while on road trips (if you aren’t the driver). Dramatic Music App is a solid, entertaining app and well-worth its $0.99 price tag for the full version.

Dramatic Music App Plus iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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