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Have you heard of lucid dreaming, or Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming? Chances are you have, especially if you watched the popular 2010 movie Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s an emerging concept with a growing number of interested fans, and Control Your Dreams is just the app for it!

For those who haven’t heard, lucid dreaming is basically dreaming while being aware and knowing that the experience is a dream and is not reality. Many people have experienced lucid dreaming at one form or another. However, devotees of lucid dreaming, and especially Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD) claim to be able to control and shape their dreams, choosing what they want and will dream, allowing them experience all sorts of fantastical adventures of the mind.

One way people interested in this experience help prepare them for it is via the keeping of a dream journal. This is to help recall dreams, which is often seen as an important step in lucid dreaming. Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming appears to be described as going from being awake to dreaming, without any loss of self-awareness. It’s like entering REM sleep, but being totally aware of the experience the whole time. The techniques used for this may be controversial to many people, especially those of certain religious faiths. However, the Control Your Dreams app doesn’t use yoga, meditating, or other practices. Instead, it basically functions as an alarm with a test method to see if you are truly “lucid.”

Control Your Dreams allows you to set up an alarm delay and activation timer. Then, you set a countdown timer that you’ll use to fall back asleep with, from as short as 10 seconds to 500 seconds. Make sure you are upgraded to at least iOS 4.2 before installing Control Your Dreams; as this app requires a minimum of version 4.2 to work. It runs on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.


Setting up Control your Dreams app is a snap. Just drag the slider to set the time for the alarm, with a minimum of 15 minutes to a max of 8 hours allowed via the app. The customizable options are also nice, with the app allowing you to set tic and vibration settings to help you maintain awareness as needed. Finally, to prove you are actually “aware” with the app, you must solve a simple math (arithmetic, 1+2, etc) problem.

Graphical Layout:

Control Your Dreams

Everything is formatted nicely and looks great on screen. The little help tutorial is also quite well done, with the included graphics and screenshots making everything very clear and easy to follow. It’s fairly simplistic app, but it’s just right for the application at hand.


Ease of Use:

What can I say? You set up an alarm system, and then use the countdown timer to fall back “asleep” while maintaining some form of lucidity to reach these lucid dreams. Sure, you may not be able to actually control your dreams with the push of an iPhone button, but this app may be of great use for those looking to learn how to have more lucid dreams.


Frankly, Control Your Dreams caters to a rather niche market and is probably not for everyone. For me, I need all the uninterrupted sleep that I can get. However, for those interested in this intriguing phenomenon, Control Your Dreams may be just the app for them! It’s definitely an interesting concept and having experienced a few lucid dreams of my own, I can see where the attraction in controlling one’s dream would certainly be powerful.

Control Your Dreams iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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