Chatmosphere IRC Chatfinder: Big Name, Larger Chat Potential

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

Chatmosphere IRC ChatFinder - 200.000 Chatrooms ! - Mobile Ventures Pty Ltd


Price: $2.99

Remember the early days of the Internet, back when things like Google, and MapQuest, and chat rooms were revolutionary? Chatmosphere IRC Chatfinder, by developer Mobile Ventures, sure does, and with a little help from its friends, the app will bring you right back to the glory days of online Internet chatting.


Chatmosphere gets right to the punch with its design: Upon loading, the user is presented with an automatic list of chat rooms to join, chosen at random by the app. More often than not, I found these rooms were quite engaging, even for being randomly selected. But if none of them are to your liking, a search bar along the top is available for perusing topical rooms.

Beside the name of each chat rooms rests a petite flag, as well, to indicate what nationality or language is involved. I’m a big fan of speaking across borders via the Internet, and I thought this was an excellent touch, and one that could potentially lead to language acquisition if done right. Joining any open conversation is as simple as a single click, but if you have the address of a specific room you’d like to enter, such details can be entered manually.


Chatmosphere IRC ChatFinder

Within the chats themselves, Chatmosphere offers simply everything you’d want in an Internet conversation application. Users can change their nickname, as well as the color scheme of the text and window, adding a pleasant amount of customization to the mix. Entering text is as simple as typing in the bar at the bottom and hitting send. If you’d like to add some of those new-fangled emoticons to your messages, the smiley key to the left of text entry has you covered.

In my testing of Chatmosphere, there was little to no lag, and in general, I felt like the app stayed out of the way of the conversation: As it should be. If you’re a real multi-tasker and want to keep several chats running at the same time, the app allows you to keep tabs open for easy swapping. Chatmosphere also keeps a running list of your recent chats, making it easy to return to your favorite rooms later. All in all, I was very impressed with the easy-breezy functionality that Chatmosphere has offer, especially as I couldn’t think of a single thing the app lacked. Bravo, to the developers for creating such a suave, simple tool.

Overall Value

As if all that weren’t enough, Chatmosphere’s pricing is absolutely superb: It rests just within the $ 2.99 sweet-spot for iPhone and iPod Touch apps. If you’re a heavy internet chatter with several pre-selected IRC channels, or even just someone looking to chat a bit here and there, the price of Chatmosphere certainly makes this app a tremendous value, and you owe it yourself to give it a whirl.

Chatmosphere IRC Chatfinder [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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