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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Birzzle - Enfeel Inc.


Price: $.99

Move the cute birds around, line ‘em up, and blow them up to advance in Birzzle, from Enfeel, Inc.  Slide and stack or line up the same color of birds to pop ‘em, and score points. Move ‘em fast enough and you can stack multiples to create a power play. Try and line up the most before they pop to get the best kinds of power in Birzzle. There’s also Twitter and Facebook options, so you can share your high scores with your friends.

While it may appear very similar to the layout of Bejweled and Super Puzzle Fighter, Birzzle is actually a very different game. You’ve got to use speed to stack and match up the right birds to get the best power, thus getting the best ‘pops’ across the screen. Some of the ‘pops’ are like Bomberman, with lined up and perpendicular rows getting popped at the same time, others are more like a big explosion (depends on power type). You aren’t timed in between ‘pops’, so some of the franticness of Bejewled is missing (something I appreciate, hehe). Lastly, it’s a very kid friendly game, even more so than Super Puzzle Fighter. As one commenter on the iTunes Review page stated, “I strongly recommend this game [to anyone]who has a girl friend. they’re gonna love you, if you let them play this game.”


Simply touch and drag birds across the screen to line ‘em up. If you need to shuffle birds around, do it quickly so that you can get the best powers without accidently popping smaller clusters of birds. The intro game help tutorial makes this whole process very clear, allowing me to jump right into the game in no time! Birzzle is fantastically easy to get the hang of, yet very addicting once you start playing. There is something very satisfying about watching big rows of birds feather up for you to collect points and advance.

Graphical Layout:


I was very impressed with the professional artwork that went into developing Birzzle! The graphics are super clear, even on an older version iPod Touch (and look even more amazing with the retina display support on newer models). Birds (owls, bluebirds, green birds and more) all look really cutesy and fit the theme perfectly. This really should be the mascot app for Twitter-with all the smiling birds, it feels like it would mesh perfectly for it! The loading screens are absolutely fantastic and super cute as well.

Animations are superb-with all the birds ‘popping’, there is not even a little bit of lag! Also, it’s a very kid-friendly game, without any blood, just a cheery wave of feathers that appear when you ‘pop’ a bird.
Even the app’s support website is super nicely designed. It’s obvious that the developers have some highly-qualified graphic design artists working on this fun app!


Cute bird chirps, pops, explosions and a catchy background beat-what more could you ask for? Developer Enfeel got everything right in this little game app, including the sounds. Rock on!


Available as both a lite (free) and paid ($0.99) versions, Birzzle is a very affordable puzzle game with a lot of replay value. The sharp, eye-catching graphics also add to its value, as does the simple, yet very addicting game play. Finally, Birzzle also offers Game Center support (with achievements), plus two different game modes; all adding to its worth. It’s also supposed to be released for Google Android, Samsung Bada, and Microsoft WP7 soon, so if you would rather play this on another mobile system, hang in there!

Birzzle iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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