Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup: Top 5 Apps for April 29

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

What a busy week it’s been here at the iPhone App Review! The month is coming to a quick close, and with its last breath we managed to review a heap and a half of iPhone and iPad apps. We’ll get to our Top 5 in a minute, but first, here’s a sneak-peek at some stand out apps of the week.

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been making more videos than Steven Spielberg out at your YouTube channel. Among our video reviews this week were Exhaust Thing, Zap Phonics, Search Out and Maui Revealed (more on this excellent app in a bit) and we promise more are on the way.

In our menagerie of written reviews this week we also covered Hyperlight, which makes Geometry Wars look like child’s play, and ProtectStar iShredder, which offers a quick, convenient way to erase your sensitive data—though not any compromising texts, Tiger Woods. We got pretty high this week with Cweeture Jump, a dollar bargain in the AppStore that will (in a perfectly legal way, we promise) delight for less. And last but not least, we taught you to touch your George—and make him laugh, too—with Contact George, a Truman Show-esque offering that will de-stress any day.

That’s it for our sneak-peek, which means it’s finally time to jump into the meat-and-potatoes of our top picks for this week! No need to hesitate now: Go ahead and jump past the break to see the best-of-the-best that this week brought us.

Top 5 Apps of the Week

Gears iPhone app


Gears – $.99

Literally just out of the chute this week is an app called Gears, and at a steamy dollar in the AppStore, this physics-based ball roller is an incredible steal. The app is currently featured in iTunes, and having only just been released yesterday, that alone is something to brag about.

Gears offers a wealth of richly-detailed 3D worlds to discover by rolling (using the ever-present motion control) a ball along, avoiding obstacles and collecting power points. Not only that, but with Game Center integration, optimized graphics for the iPad 2 and Retina Display, 27 levels spanning three worlds, and four difficulty settings, Gears offers an entire realm of replay value.

Order and Chaos Online


Order & Chaos Online$6.99

Order & Chaos Online, a new release this week, sparked a lot of controversy due to its, shall we say, less than clearly original design. However, without mentioning exactly who the app may or may not have ripped off (“Wow, this game is good! Wow!”) Order & Chaos Online is easily the best MMORPG in the AppStore.

This little gem will set you back $6.99, but it comes with a free three-month subscription. After that your entrance to the game world starts at $ .99 a month, but considering this is as close as you’ll ever get to playing . . . er, a world-class MMO on your iPad, we aren’t complaining.

Our Choice iPhone app


Our Choice$4.99

Also featured in iTunes this week is Al Gore’s non-fiction, multi-media offering Our Choice. It’s a book that details our planet’s ever-dwindling climate, but it also offers a host of videos, photos, and animations to offer more in-depth information and suggestions.

However, the real feature of the app is not so much its message—although 18 chapters does offer a lot of quality reading—but its boundary-pushing design. This is by far the best example of how reading on the iPad should be, and if you’re interested in the future of books, Our Choice is a fantastic place to take a sneak-peek.

Maui Revealed iPhone app


Maui Revealed$5.99

As mentioned earlier, we did a video and written review of Maui Revealed this week, which can be had for $5.99 in the AppStore—the app, not our review, that is.

Maui Revealed is the quintessential island guide condensed into a neat digital format, offering a wealth of information that will save you from looking like another tourist with a blue book. The information presented here is every bit as good as the original, and the fantastic design is greatly appreciated as well. Whether you’re planning a trip to the island, or just looking for a new place to eat, Maui Revealed is your new best mate.

Lost Circus HD


Lost Circus HD$4.99

We’re ending our Top 5 today with a throwback to classic point-and-click puzzlers. Lost Circus HD for the iPad is one of the best examples of this genre on iOs, offering beautiful design, a wealth of mini-games and just challenging enough puzzles. If you’re a fan of games like Myst—and by fan we mean you suffered through them with a masochistic grin—Lost Circus HD will tickle your hair-torn-out funny bone all day long.

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