Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup: Top 5 Apps for April 22

Top 5 iPhone Apps
Written by Luke Patrick

Though it might have been stormy for a lot of the country this week, it never rains on our App Parade here at the iPhone App Review! We reviewed a ton of apps this week, and now it’s time to bring you the best of the best. Check out this quick preview before we kick into the meat-and-potatoes of this week’s app tucker:

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

This week brought us two mean, green amphibian games for the iPhone, including the mad tapping fun of Tap the Frog (that’s not a drug reference, we promise) and the feeding frenzy that is Tilty Fruity. Also fresh out this week, we showed you how to master your barfly routine with iNeg Girls, which offers a gauntlet of the best lewd-crude-and-underused pickup lines around.

This week brought about another educational app, this time for the iPad: Seasons and Weather HD offers an adorable learning experience that will have your youngsters saying, “Tut, tut, it looks like rain!” in no time. Also fresh from the app chute this week was iShredder, which shreds, chews, and annihilates loose data hanging about in your iPhone’s free space.

Don’t worry, we’re almost to the Top 5, but before we dive into this weeks roundup, we’re going to throw in a quick plug for our new series of video reviews. We spent some time with Xperica HD and an iPad this week, and we promise to pump out even more HD reviews in the near future. Don’t touch that dial!

Top 5 Apps of the Week

There’s your sneak peek, and now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: our Top 5 Apps for April 22!

Stupidness 2 PRO


Stupidnress 2 PRO – $.99

Though not exactly fresh-faced in the AppStore (Oh, how little a few weeks mean in the modern age!) the last couple days did bring us an update to Stupidness 2 Pro, which can be had for $ .99 in the AppStore.

If you haven’t had the chance to be harassed and belittled by this excellent puzzle app yet, you’ve been missing out. The game features a set of IQ meddling puzzles that will have you saying, “That’s easy!” until they take days and several friends to solve. It’s great fun and with something neighboring an insane amount of levels, it’s a tremendous bargain.

NFL '11 Premium


NFL 11′ Premium – Free

It’s never to early to start stocking up for football (that’d be the American version—sorry, all you Aussie Footy fans!) but don’t forget to grab more than just a plus-sized cooler and some beers. While you’re at it, you might as well snag the official (and free) NFL ’11 draft app for the iPad.

The app features live streaming and information about all the players and teams, providing you with an in-depth at who’s going where and when. Not only that, but with live data you can already invite a few mates over for some real-time screen-screaming.



Trimensional – $.99

If you’re looking for another novelty photo-based app for the iPhone, and are sick of Photo Booth, look no further than Trimensional. This app can be had for a single buck in the AppStore, and it offers a wealth of 3D merriment for you to enjoy.

The app uses your phone’s forward-facing camera and screen brightness to take a full-scale picture of your head. Using that data, the app extrapolates your ugly mug into a 3D model on the iPhone. Is it creepy to look at yourself in 3D on the Retina Display? Oh, yeah! But is it awesome (and dirt cheap) at the same time? Beyond a doubt.



Photosynth Free

From the Microsoft on iOS camp this week comes Photosynth, one of the more amazing things we’ve seen float over from that distant, Windows-shaped land. The app is free in the AppStore, and offers a street-view on crack style functionality that simply blew us away.

With Photosynth, you can now use your iPhone to take full, 360-degree panorama shots of your surroundings. All that’s required is a little rotation and the willingness to look a bit silly: The app will do the rest for you. With your model created, you can then send the panorama to friends via Facebook and email, as well as straight to Bing’s map service. It’s brilliant, and it looks absolutely delicious on the iPhone.



Operation – $1.99

And finally, this week brought us the joy and hair-tearing puzzle that is Operation, a beautifully frustrating and well-made game for the iPad that can be had at a mere $1.99. The game features classic Operation-style gameplay with a twist that will have you screaming and laughing for a long time to come.

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