Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup: Top 5 Apps for April 15

Top 5 iPhone Apps
Written by Luke Patrick


This week brought us a slew of incredible apps at the one buck range, including ConvertX for all your unit conversion needs. Can’t remember how many kilometers it is from New York to London, but have the miles handy? ConvertX has you covered. Also in the always pleasant dollar-a-day price range is Liquor Hub, which won’t help you do any math, but will certainly find you a good bottle of scotch!

This week came packed with loads of free apps, as well. Some of our top picks are SaleLocater (which can find an incredible number of door-busting and sacrificially priced sales in your area) and Chiffre: An app to save you from a second mortgage by keeping your slots addiction at home, instead of at the casino. Also at the top of our list for this week is Audiolio, which besides sounding fun, offers an incredible note taking experience on the iPad.

And sure, all of that kept us pretty busy, but we aren’t even close to being done with this week-end review for April 15! Skip this preview, and hit us up after the break for a full list of our top five picks for the week. Here’s a sneak peak.

MobileNavigator version 1.8


MobileNavigator version 1.8 – $34.99

At the top of our review stack this week was the new update for Navigon MobileNavigator, which came packed to the gills with rich new features and speedy improvements. Included in their latest updates are access to over 4,000 red-light and speed cameras, live traffic updating to deliver you the quickest ride since the Batmobile, and traffic check for a quick look at traffic density along your root.

Pricing for Navigon is a bit dense, with the app starting at $39.99 in the AppStore, and various upgrades costing as little as $19.99 or as much as $79.99. However, the traffic and navigational experience offered here is superb, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better turn-by-turn satnav for the iPhone.



Taptu – Free

After giving it a looking over, we’re big fans of the news reader TapTu, which we found absolutely stunning on the iPad’s steamy display.

The Taptu app is similar to eye-candy stream-readers that have come before, like Flipboard or Pulse Reader, but what sets it apart is its ease and simplicity of use. It also gives the user the ability to mix and match reading sources in separate folders, making on-the-go and around-the-house reading two separate, and differently engaging, beasts.

The app still has some kinks, though: Occasional bugs lagged the boat, and we felt like the gestures were sketchy at best. However, future updates will have this stuff sorted out in no time, leaving behind an excellent addition to the world of news reading on the iPhone and iPad. Oh, and best of all, it’s free in the AppStore.

Wifi Photo Transfer


Wifi Photo Transfer – Free

If you’re like us, you’ve spent many uncomfortable hours trying to get a picture out of your iPhone’s photo reel and onto your computer. Grabbing the appropriate cables and dealing with an iTunes sync every time you sneeze can be a real hassle! To help alleviate non-photogenic stress, use Wifi Photo Transfer, a free iPhone app to help get pics off the phone and onto your desktop.

The app creates a local network using your Wifi, one that can be accessed by simply entering an IP address into your favorite browser. From there, it’s as simple as pie to pull photos off the iDevice and onto your hard drive, where they can be mangled, mashed, and maimed as you like.

Their latest update fixes several browser bugs and enhances reliability wither earlier versions of Internet Explorer.



Ricochet – $2.99

Also on our Greatest Hits List this week is Ricochet, an app that wants to bring you the best of the best of the internet’s funniest: Yep, we’re talking about YouTube here, mates.

The iPhone app is a homegrown affair, featuring two lads as developers whose only mission is to bring you the best hand-picked YouTube videos.

The app is $2.99 in the AppStore, and for that price you’ll get a constant stream of the funniest flicks, and without any wasted browsing time spent trolling Google’s bloated video service.





Tweetbot – $1.99

And last, but certainly never least, we bring you the best thing to ever happen to Twitter on the iPhone: Tweetbot.

Until now, Twitter’s official app has been the best solution for tweeting on the go, but Tweetbot’s slick interface, groovy support for gestures, and stellar customization options have us salivating in our Twitter-liscious glands. If you’ve had enough of the #dickbar fiasco and want a change, this professional quality app will set you back two bucks.

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