Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup – Top 5 Apps for April 8

Top 5 iPhone Apps
Written by Luke Patrick

It’s been a hectic week here at the iPhone App Review, as we’ve been swapping our luggage to a server more powerful than Optimus Prime. But did we neglect our app reviewing duties as we took the virtual U-Haul out of town? Heck no! In fact, we covered a ton of wonderful apps this week.

Our week here at the iPhone App Review featured a lot of games and blistered thumbs: With The Blobs! we showed you just how fun tilt mazes can be on iOS, which we quickly followed up with Zoombie Digger, a zombie-based tower-defense that really puts the fun back in Undead Revolution. Finally, if angry mobs just aren’t your style, we featured the excellent tilting fun of Rotate a Shape.

We also capped the week off with some great ways to get at your files, like SongBox Player for listening to your DropBox music while on the go, and Bdrive for just about everything else. And last, but certainly not least, we showed you how to get at your inner Brit—and your UK customers—with iBizz Business.

All that reviewing, and yet we still aren’t at the Top 5 iPhone Apps for April 8! There is a sneak peek at our first app on the list below, but hit us up after the break to see what our full top picks  were the week were:

Atari's Greatest Hits


Atari’s Greatest Hits – Free

Topping the charts this week is Atari’s master collection of retro games, Atari’s Greatest Hits. If you find yourself wishing the iPhone had a bit more Pong in it, then your long wait is finally over.

This iPhone app is the official, gold-stamped offering by Atari, and within its bosom you’ll find all your favorite classics: Asteroid, Battlezone, Gravitar, Star Raiders, Pong, Missile Command, and many others. The app is free, but you’ll have to pay for games via in-app purchase—thankfully not in quarters, though.


Angry Birds Rio


Angry Birds Rio – $.99

We’re totally digging what Rovio has done with Angry Birds in the series’ latest incarnation, Angry Birds Rio. The app has been given a graphics overhaul, with a ton more sprites, two new episodes, and—of course—a whole heap of extra levels for you to fling your way through.

The game is only a buck in the AppStore ($2.99 for the HD version) and at that price, we think it would be darn hard to pass up the 120 levels Angry Birds Rio is sporting.  We weren’t fans of the in-game ads, but then again, nothing is perfect—not even Angry Birds. The game looks gorgeous on the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch, and with constant, quality updates, Rovio has once again reaffirmed why Angry Birds is now an iOS classic.

Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings: – $.99

Although not debuting this week in particular, we are still big fans of Tiny Wings. This absolutely gorgeous app is the creation of a certain Andreas Illiger, and if Angry Birds leaves you itching for a bit more avian gameplay, you’ll find a second home in Tiny Wing’s hill-studded action.

The game has you as a large bird with small wings who only wants to fly. Thankfully, the nearby scenery is filled with ramp-like hills aplenty, letting you skip along to collect points as you race toward other levels in advance of the impending night. It’s stellar stuff that we found particularly gorgeous on the Retina Display, and at a dollar in the App Store, Tiny Wing’s feathers will certainly tickle your value bone.

Facebook App


Facebook App – Free

Also fresh out this week is a brand new Facebook update for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which we were total suckers for in our review. We’re big fans of Facebook, what can we say? But if you’re like us, you’ll appreciate the two new features the update brings: Unfriending on the go, and the ability to check into parties, events, games, etc. It adds even more functionality to a fantastic—and completely free—app that you’re already using.

With the current update, you now have the option to unfriend someone while checking into their party, bringing social irony to a whole new level.

Karaoke Now 2.0


Karaoke Now 2.0 – Free

And finally, hailing from the great, snowy north, Canadian developers TriceraSoft brought us Karaoke Now 2.0 this week, which turns your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch into a full-blown Karaoke machine. Forget lugging around big speakers, track folders, and heaps of CD+Gs: Now your iDevice can free up your hands for even more mic-time. With an extensive—and we mean extensive—track collection to choose from, Karaoke Now 2.0 means you’ll never have to party without Karaoke again. I mean, only if you want, though. Karaoke Now is completely free in the App Store, though purchasing songs—which can be done with credit packs—will set you back at least $3.99.



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