Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup – Top 5 iOS Apps for April 1

Top 5 iPhone Apps
Written by Luke Patrick

It was a good week here at the iPhone App Review, with several deserving apps finding more stars than VH1’s Where Are They Now? The games, music, and learning never stopped coming, but here we are, another week done, ready to spill the beans for you. So here’s the skinny:

It was a fantastic week for games—and that’s no April Fools joke! This week we showed you how to create your own traffic mayhem with City Traffic HD for the iPad. We also featured two great apps from Downunder, SlideItOut HD and Morph Chess 3D.

If you spent the whole week playing casual games, and want a more educational break, we also showed you how to wrap a Sari like nobody’s business with SARI. Or if you’re looking to create some mad beats for the weekend, we featured Blues Backing Tracks for all your band-in-a-pocket needs (stage-presence not included). It’s true that the best form of birth control is the one you pick, and if you’re worried about your pill regimen, we covered MyPill, an app designed to help alleviate prophylactic stress.

But are we tired after all that reviewing? No way! We’re just getting started. Hit us up after the break for a look at the Top 5 Apps for this week:

Final Fantasy III


Final Fantasy III – $15.99

New and in the gaming category this week is Square Enix’ port of the classic SNES/Nintendo DS game Final Fantasy III. For all you Final Fantasy fans—and we know you’re out there—the iPhone version of the game has everything you’d expect from a 3D rendition of an RPG classic. The design is great, the controls are fluid, and the dialog is just as campy as you remember. Every inch of the original gameplay is preserved, as well, with a few minor fixes and improvements along the way. The price is steep ($15.99) but if you’re a fan of the series, you already know you want it. Just don’t forget to take breaks for meals, okay?



Vimeo – Free

This week brought us the first, official Vimeo app for the iPhone, bringing with it a host of quality video and editing the likes of which has never before been seen on an iDevice.

When exploring the Vimeo app, we like how delicious the app looks on the iPhone’s display, but this isn’t just eye-candy: The app is loaded with a fantastic editor, high-quality streaming, and easy navigation.

Say goodbye to YouTube, thanks to Vimeo’s official app for iPhone. And best of all, this little beauty will set you back zero cents and zero dollars: It’s absolutely free!




Zapd – Free

On a more productive note, the excellent web-design app Zapd brings the Tumblr experience to the iPhone—minus Tumblr, that is—and it works like a champ.

For all you mobile bloggers (and, again, we know you’re out there) Zapd wants to be your new best friend, and you should let it. From your iPhone, the app’s excellent, intuitive interface allows you to create template-based websites in only a few clicks. You can add photos, blog blurbs, and video, all from the safety and comfort of your own iPhone.

Websites are uploaded to Zapd for review on any device (including a computer). Going on a trip? Bring Zapd along with you to make nano-blogging each moment even easier.




Woozzle – $.99

Fresh out of the gate this week is a challenging puzzler from the heart of Europe—Woozzle. Put on your fedora and grab a machete, as this app takes you straight to the jungle for some quality, marble-based strategy that will have you trapped in vines for hours.

We particularly liked the difficulty of the game: Hard enough to keep our interest, but just easy enough to make us think we have “skillz.” The design is great, too, and at $1.99, this app can’t be beat.

Sample Lab


Sample Lab – $9.99

And last, though certainly not least, get your freak on with Sample Lab. We absolutely loved the simplicity of making house beats using the app’s spacious sequencer, and recording around-the-house noises for use with the in-app effects is a blast, too. If you’ve ever wanted to indulge your inner DJ/Producer, Sample Labs has your carrot on a stick—a carrot that can be had for $9.99, and the cost of many hours spent hunched over, plugging in sixteenth note rhythms like a pro. Get up off of that thing, and Sample Labs until you feel better!

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