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Carol Never Wore her Safety Glasses, Now She Uses Xperica HD

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: Xperica HD Video App Review Xperica HD, by developer IL&FS Education and Technology Services, is a stunning example of what education apps can do with a little iOS initiative and the iPad’s larger screen. It offers a set of four free experiments that will make you believe in science labs […]


Test Your Reflexes with Tap the Frog

Tweet     Price: $.99 Rating: From Russian developer PlayFo comes Tap the Frog, a fast-paced set of speed challenges involving everyone’s favorite colorful amphibian. I got my hands on an early release copy of Tap the Frog, but gamers can expect it to hit the Apple iTunes Store today! Keep your eyes open and […]


I Learn with Poko: Seasons and Weather HD: Makes Even Rainy Days and Bad Weather Interesting

Tweet     Price: $2.99 Rating: One of the greatest things about the current generation of iDevices is their simplicity. They are, in fact, so easy to use, that even our children find them fun to play with. And with such a handy device, it’s no wonder more and more developers are engineering education apps […]