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Facebook’s new iPhone App Update is a Friend of Unfriending

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Ah Facebook, we love you. And, I am not just saying that because you can now unfriend me on the go, thanks to the latest iOS update. Rather, we genuinely love you, and applaud your valiant efforts to help people stay connected, even if they are married and secretly LOLing with […]


Oh Defender of Diosa, Where Art Thou My Diosa?

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Defender of Diosa, an iPhone app by developer Sigma Game, is a tower-defense with the best of them that offers a wealth of features and quirky artistry, but is mired with some inconsistencies and graphical glitches. Game Overview: The basic idea behind Defender of Diosa is a classic tale of […]


Karaoke Now: Your iPhone is now the Life of the Party!

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: As a musician, I’m used to seeing karaoke follow a set—particularly in bars, where the more drinkers drink, the louder they sing. The beauty of iPhone apps like Karaoke Now 2.0, by developer TriceraSoft, is that they’ve made it incredibly easy to turn any party into a mass sing-along with […]