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Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

Word Shout - Paze

Price: $.99

Let’s see, DOG, GONE, BONE, NOG, GNOME, and just before the clock runs out – yep, there it is: METRONOMIC CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE!  That last one ought to be worth some points!

For all of you walking dictionaries out there, and actually everybody else looking for another fun word game, be sure to check out Word Shout, a new iPhone app from Paze Interactive!

World of Wordcraft!  Challenge Factor:

Remember, Vanna White is not leisurely turning the letters for you in this game.  You and your vocab will be put to the test!  With the clock ticking down you have a chance to form as many words as you can from a group of 10 letters, including three or four vowels.  It may be a bit intimidating at first, but once your spelling juices start to flow the sky’s the limit!  Well, at least until the timer goes off.  The real test here is being as fast as you can in identifying every possible word that can be spelled from the given letters.  The clock will begin to tick louder as it reaches zero putting just a bit more pressure on those final words you’re trying to spell!

This game is PHUN!  Fun Factor:

When you’re playing with friends or family it’s always entertaining when your opponent tries to cheat!  There are certain board games out there where the rules sometimes get interpreted very liberally.  The great thing about this game is that when you try to throw down a word like ZULIXANY or ADERFLUM, a buzzer sounds and the word is thrown back in your face!  The game’s built in dictionary, thesaurus, and panel of judges have the final word – and it’s not AKBLORENT!  After each game you can pull up a complete list of all possible words from the ten letters that were given.  In other words, you can really laugh at how many words your opponent DIDN’T get!

User Friendliness:

After a couple of practice rounds it’s easy to get your fingers moving in the right places!  The ten letters are easily chosen, the vowels are in red by the way, and once the word is created it is simple to slide it up to the scoreboard.  There is a nice background tune that is played that speeds up as time is running out.

This game is quite addicting and can provide plenty of solo game play as well as teams or just passing it around to each other.  Each menu is easily navigated for sound changes and background graphics changes as well as different levels of difficulty and timer length.

Word Shout [ iTunes link ]  requires iPhone iOS 4.0.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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