Use Fiendish Plumbing and Deduction Skills to Stay Afloat in Mad Plumber

Reviewed By: Phil Charlton

Mad Plumber - Appworks Software LLC


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Pit your wits against the diabolical bathroom plumbing layouts offered in this iPhone deductive puzzle game Mad Plumber by Appworks Software.

If you think this puzzle iPhone app is your usual, run-of-the-mill, type of connect the pipes game then think again. This highly complex puzzle app is far more than just a case of connecting the pipes to get the water flowing and requires a lot of careful planning to complete even the easiest level setting.

The basic idea is to place the pipes from the faucets at the top of the screen down to the toilets at the bottom in a way that will allow water to flow to each toilet no matter which way the levers on the left are switched. Once you have mastered the basics of  Mad Plumber the game you will then be looking at trying to solve the game in the least number of flushes and then onto raising the difficulty from easy right up to insane.


I have to admit that when I first started playing this app I skimmed through the instructions and jumped straight into the puzzle. After a few minutes of not having a clue what I was doing I decided to read the help section. After reading the instructions I tried the puzzle again and to my amazement, I was still at a loss. However, after spending some time interacting with the puzzle, it all suddenly began to make sense and I completed the easy setting. Once I had overcome this hurdle of actually understanding how the game workeds I settled in to play it on the harder settings and although the confusion returned a little, this time it was simply due to the fact that the puzzle was so hard to solve, which is just how puzzle games should be.


For a game with such a basic layout and only a few simple setting this game started out for me as one of those highly frustrating puzzle games that for some reason make absolutely no sense when you start playing them but after a short while of playing everything just seems to slip into place and you begin completing the puzzle with increasing ease. With this puzzle iPhone app, however, just a few taps in the settings screen and you’ve ramped the difficulty level up a few notches, which means that things become mind-numbingly hard again. This essentially allows users that have mastered the game on its easiest setting to constantly challenge themselves by either trying to complete the levels with the smallest number of flushes or by simply increasing the difficulty level.


Let’s face it, what the game lacks graphically it more than makes up for in challenge, creativity, and fun! The most sound advice that I could give for this iPhone app when you first start playing it is to persevere. What may start off for some users as a puzzle app that they just can’t get their heads around will eventually turn into a game that will provide many hours of fun and perhaps further frustration at the higher difficulty settings.

Mad Plumber iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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