Does Tiger Swing Both Ways? Find Out With the New Tiger Woods My Swing App

Tiger Woods: My Swing

Tiger Woods: My Swing - Shotzoom Software


Price: $9.99

Although Tiger Woods has fallen to a fifth ranked golfer, no one can deny that he knows his way around the links. And, for those who wish that they too could swing like Tiger (after all he sure does get a lot of action…on the golf ball, that is), a new golf iPhone app is here to help. Tiger Woods: My Swing is now available in iTunes, and although we tend to poke fun, this is quite a serious app.

Content and Functionality:

Via the iPhone app, you are essentially coached by Tiger Woods in a virtual sense. The app allows you to record your own swing and then digitally compare it to that of Tiger’s to ascertain where you could utilize improvement.  Does this actually work to improve your swing? Tiger has gone on record that he himself uses the same type of technology to study and improve his swing. Hey, when it comes to golf, if it is good enough for Tiger, it is good enough for most golfers.  You can virtually compare your swing to every club Tiger uses, and you are given the option to view side-by-side golf swing comparisons.

Added App Features:

In addition to the core functionality of betting your golf swing via recording and comparing your form to Tigers, this iPhone app offers much more. You may upload your swing to the internet to compare your form to that of your friends. As well, the app offers a variety of how-to videos from Tiger himself aimed at improving your game. There will also be added bonus content of Tiger answering fans questions and updating his life on the road.

Price / Value:

If you asked most golfers how much they would pay to have Tiger analyze their golf swing, the number would certainly be higher than $9.99. In addition, to have access to the many other elements this app offers, as well as HD instructional videos directly from Tiger, I feel this is a bargain. However, it should be noted, that all proceeds from the sale of this app will go directly to The Tiger Woods Foundation, thus you can improve you golf swing and give kids a better shot at attending college. This is a win/win.

Tiger Woods: My Swing iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. 

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Tiger Woods: My Swing Video Demo


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