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SuperBodies - Peace Point Entertainment Group


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The body of an athlete requires greater levels of strength and precision than others. With the SuperBodies iPhone app by the Peace Point Entertainment Group you can learn more about how the bodies of athletes function.

Unless you have been heavily involved in sports and athletics it can be difficult to comprehend just how the body of an athlete works in order to enable them to effectively perform in the sport that they are involved with. The average person who watches sports and athletics whilst slumped on the settee with a burger in one hand and a beer in the other rarely thinks about how hard the body of the athlete or sportsperson is having to work in order to provide them with the sporting entertainment that they are enjoying on the TV.

However, the truth is that the bodies of athletes do have to work with extreme precision and strength to enable them to perform their chosen sport or activity effectively and it can be fascinating to find out just how their bodies have to work and why they have to function in a certain way.


The SuperBodies iPhone and iPad app from the Peace Point Entertainment Group provides a fascinating insight into the workings of athletes’ bodies. This is something that may be of general interest to some people and may be extremely useful for those just getting into a particular type of sport, as they will have a better idea of what their bodies are going to need to cope and endure.

The live commentary from Dr. Greg Wells coupled with original videos and high quality 3D animation makes this a great app in terms of quality. Users are able to tilt their phones or use the screen to navigate their way around the bodies of different athletes. As they reach a major organ or body part Dr. Wells will appear on screen to provide you with an in-depth commentary about that particular organ or body part and the way in which it has to function to accommodate the activities of the athlete.

There are many different sports to choose from, which means that you can learn more about the way in which the bodies of different sports athletes function. This includes swimming, badminton, gymnastics, boxing, volleyball, and the 100m dash.


The app is simple to use as all you need to do is tilt the phone or drag your finger across the screen to navigate your way around the bodies of the athletes. You can also skip intros and explanations with the touch of the screen. The app is also compatible with the iPad, which means that you can enjoy using it on a larger screen and in High Definition if you wish.


This app is not necessarily something that will appeal to everyone – for example, not all fans of sports and athletics are going to want to spend time navigating their way around the internal workings of athletes’ bodies! However, it is an iPhone app that can be educational and fascinating, and it can prove particularly useful for those that are involved in sports or those that are thinking of taking up sports.

SuperBodies [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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