Super Slobber Dog Puts Quirky Twist on Classic Games

Reviewed By A. Papachristos

Super Slobber Dog - Sheep Haus Productions


Price: $1.99

As gaming becomes more advanced, enthusiasts seem to crave more story and adventure than the classics ever offered.  But with Super Slobber Dog , co-produced by Sheep Haus Productions and Dangerous Games, users experience the best of both worlds. Super Slobber Dog is an out-of-this-world game that mixes the allure of Pong and Brick Breaker with the intrigue of a Saturday morning cartoon.  This challenge breaches both time and space, truly linking the past with the present in more ways than one.


With a bit of magic and a lot of time travel on his side, the star of the game – a slobbery puppy – must outrun the 10 evil dog-nabbers that are chasing him through time.  Originally residing in 1941 Germany, our puppy protagonist was captured by what appears to be evil Nazi scientists, stolen for some mysterious purpose.  However, by some magical twist of fate, the puppy disappears and travels through time until the present day, where he then meets you.

As a small boy simply playing in his yard, you are stunned when the universe drops not only the puppy, but his 10 evil enemies as well, right in the middle of your neighborhood.  Saddled with the task of helping your newfound, furry friend return to his original time and place, you two embark on a journey that employs classic gaming as your battle strategy.  With 10 levels of slobbery struggles ahead, you must outsmart the villains in order to proceed and succeed.

Game Play:

Upon startup, you will find the main menu displays few buttons: Play Game, Reset Game and a gear icon that links you to the Dog Owner’s Manual.  The manual features tips for game play, including the benefits and possible consequences of bark matter, dog toys, holes, and fire hydrants.  Users may also access the Memories page, which houses all the unlockable cinematics available within the application.  The first video, which also serves as the introduction video once you begin your first game, simply explains the premise of the game.  The remaining videos will become available as you progress through the game.

To start, choose a level.  Because this will be your first run-through, you won’t have much choice but to start with the only unlocked level.  The video plays to explain the back-story, and then Round 1 shall commence.  Your first opponent, sadly, is your own mother, who seems disgusted by the puppy’s slobbery ways.  You must battle, winning three of the five rounds in order to move to the next level.  The controls are exactly like Pong, the classic arcade game.  And though many adore Pong, this battle style starts things off extremely slow, and only continues when you encounter the dog-nabbers in the next round.  The slow start might be discouraging for those who want to get to the more exciting action but if you hang in there you will find plenty of action in later rounds.

Super Slobber Dog iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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