Can You Sketch to Save Your Life? Find Out in Sketch Ball

Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Sketch Ball - Gamers Rejoice


Price: $.99

Solve every puzzle through creative sketch skills with Sketch Ball, from developer Gamers Rejoice. Sketch Ball is a unique take on the puzzle genre, with loads of replay value and many different ways to solve the puzzles presented!

Sketch Ball offers the gamer two modes of play. First is Puzzle, where players must sketch lines on the screen to ricochet their game ball from the starting point to goal, while avoiding contacting any of the white lines. It sounds easy on paper, but trust me, it gets tricky fast! The second is called Destroy and is similar to the much-loved Breakout (think: brick bashing) game of the late 70s. In this mode, players are tasked with destroying all the images on the screen by strategically placing their lines to target and ricochet the ball at the image. It’s relatively easy to get the hang of, but some of the later zones are quite difficult!

As players progress through the Sketch Ball game, they’ll encounter more challenging puzzles with greater obstacles, including gravity arrows and warps. However, to better help overcome these obstacles, players can choose from three different line types to draw: Bounce, Fast or Slow lines. These all affect the ball in different ways (hence their namesake).


Controls are as simple as drawing the lines on the screen with the touch pad. I did notice a little lag and lack of sensitivity when drawing some lines close the screen edges, but this may be due to my screen protector and not the game itself.

Loading time between levels was decent, although I did notice a little lag between levels on a 3rd Gen iPod Touch. It’s not enough to be distracting, and barely noticeable at that. Players can select from several options at startup, including a “how to play” menu that nicely and succinctly explains how Sketch Ball is played.

Graphical Layout:

Sketch Ball uses smart, vector-style graphics with bright, cheery colors to draw the iOS gamer in. I’m happy to report that it works and I was thrilled with the overall appearance and theme of the game. For this type of game, I really think the sharp, cartoony outline vector art really works well, and Sketch Ball is a great testament to this. Graphics load great, especially with the retina display, and the animations of the sketch ball moving across the screen look totally smooth too!


The bouncy, hip beat that accompanies Sketch Ball is perfect for this cheerful game. Plus, the sweet applause and cheering when you beat a level really adds to the feel of an accomplishment. A few other soundtracks to mix it up would have been nice, but the overall audio is still great for the iPhone app game.


Sketch Ball has 4 different worlds and 75 levels to explore. On top of that is two different game modes, puzzle or destroy. That’s quite a lot of challenges to tackle, especially for the low price of this app ($0.99 at the Apple iTunes Store). It’s certainly a great deal for light puzzle fans and one I heartily recommend. The levels don’t feel stale or rehashed; rather each is a unique experience for the iOS gamer. The open ended nature of Sketch Ball is pretty addicting, as there are countless ways to beat each level. It’s hard to stop playing Sketch Ball once you have started and the multiple levels with differing difficulties will keep you busy for a long time. Sketch Ball was designed with the powerful Game Salad program, a sweet game app designer available online. It’s one I have been interested in trying out and seeing the quality of Sketch Ball is a testament to the power of that game program!

Sketch Ball iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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 Sketch Ball iPhone Video Demo

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