SARI App Unfolds Tucking, Folding, and Draping Secrets

Reviewed by Grace Light

SARI ~ A step-by-step Sari drape tutorial - Siddhartha Banerjee


Price: $1.99

Years ago, my husband gifted me with a gorgeously embellished vintage sari, but it has just sat in my dresser, as I was intimidated by the seemingly complex origami-like folds it took to hold the sari together.   If only the SARI iPhone app had been available, I would have known that you can drape a sari beautifully in just five simple steps!

Insightful Instructions:

The SARI app gets my mark of approval for its insightful tutorials that show the depth of thoughtfulness that went into the SARI iPhone app.  You can peruse a beautifully illustrated step-by-step text and diagram tutorial, as well as see the instructions in action with a video tutorial that is about three minutes long. Even the SARI website is beautifully constructed.

In just 15 minutes, I made a respectable foray (at least in my husband’s opinion) into sari draping, and it wasn’t any more difficult than learning how to use the Moby Wrap with my young son.  So for new moms, if you can use a Moby Wrap, you can drape a sari with the help of the SARI app!

SARI iPhone App

Savvy Sari Sense:

The tutorial offers gems of sari wisdom, including when to put on your heels.  It’s not at the end, as it would be intuitive for Americans, but actually part of the very first steps!  This ensures that the sari covers your toes – which is the defining mark of a well draped sari.   The sari nuggets of knowledge continue, including how to hold the sari while you are tucking it to avoid stepping on the fabric (and feeling quite ungraceful, I might add).

The FAQ answered all the questions that have always been lingering in my mind.   Yes, any woman can wear a sari without offense, and in fact, it can be seen as a very “encouraging” sign of cultural embrace!

The FAQ also gives excellent tips about how to drape your sari to look thinner – what woman wouldn’t want that?

If you have other questions, simply tweet the developers and enjoy a response within 12 hours!    I always appreciate developers that give their users fast and responsive support, which goes to show that they truly care about the usability and helpfulness of their app.

Artistic Quality:

Artistic details abound in the SARI app, including music that sets a nice ambiance as you tuck, fold, and drape the sensorial sari.  The fashion portfolio style sketches in the step-by-step tutorial add a high-fashion touch.  While the video is very straightforward, I wouldn’t want any complex backgrounds to compete with the clear instructions the model gave in draping the sari.

If you’ve ever wanted to don a beautiful, graceful sari, then this is the app for you!  To the developer’s best knowledge, this is the only sari tutorial app on the market – and I was impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness that went into this sari pioneer app.

SARI iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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SARI iPhone App Video Demo


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