A Room with a View: Room 77 Puts Hotel Room Views to the Test

Reviewed by Jon Li

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You’ve finally saved up your pennies, begged your boss to give you an extended vacation, and packed up all your bathing suits for your once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean holiday. So, of course, you booked the best hotel with the best ocean views. At least that’s what the hotel promises.

So it certainly comes as a huge disappointment when you find your ocean-view room is blocked almost entirely by another hotel. Not anymore, thanks to the handy iPhone app, Room 77.

“Real” Hotel Room Views:

If you want to ensure that your hotel room view is as beautiful as the hotel promises, you must take advantage of the new iPhone app Room 77. This service, which is available as both an iPhone app and as a searchable website, allows consumers to take a look at the real view being offered by their hotel room.

Room 77, which was recently launched, consists of a massive database of hotel room views that allow everyone from casual vacationers to business travelers to get a good look at exactly what they are paying for in terms of location and views.

In addition to the view, some of the room information offered to users of Room 77 include: the room category, the room’s square footage, the bed type, and the proximity of the room to the nearest elevator.

The Power of Satellite Imagery at Work:

Room 77 uses satellite imagery to build its database of more than 400,000 images of hotel room views.  The company simply uses the satellite technology to determine the latitude, longitude and the altitude of each hotel and individual room. The Room 77 database currently covers many of the hotels in the country’s large cities, including Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York. The founder of the startup company Room 77 hopes to take his vision to an international level.

To use Room 77, the user simply enters the hotel and the room number into their iPhone app to instantly get an idea whether his or her view will be good or not-so-hot. This service uses a color-coded system that tells users if the match is good (green) or bad (red).

Room 77 is touted as being “heavenly” among both travelers and experts in the hotel industry. Instead of relying on the stock photos found on many hotel websites and travel websites, travelers can now better ensure that their hotel room fits the description given by the hotel.

Room 77 [ iTunes Link ]  requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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2 Responses to “A Room with a View: Room 77 Puts Hotel Room Views to the Test”

  1. Roger Wong says:

    Thanks for reviewing our app Jon! I wanted to clarify for your readers that our app is NOT built by Starwood. We are a startup based out of Sunnyvale, California and our website and app were built in-house. Starwood hotels are one of the many brands we feature and work with.

  2. Jon Li says:

    Thanks for the note Roger! This has been corrected within the iPhone app review content as well.

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