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Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

Puzzle Me !!! - SID On

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I used to visit my Grandma occasionally and she would always be working on a traditional jig saw puzzle on her dining room table!  It was usually the standard landscape picture with an old watermill next to the flowing river surrounded by trees and rocks!  Of the thousands of pieces to sift through, naturally the borders were done and a few of the ‘obvious’ areas were getting their due attention.   Part of the fun was discovering later how many pieces her white poodle Snowy ran off with!  With Puzzle Me iPhone app by Sid On tradition meets technology!  Now there’s an app to do jigsaw puzzles with – just make sure Snowy doesn’t run off with your iPhone!

Fun Factor: Rating:

Certainly the task of putting all the pieces in the right places can be quite the entertaining challenge.  But in this case there is also a clock to test your puzzle completing speediness!  Now you can try and beat your best time or even compete with someone.  As I like to say to any opponent “It took you HOW long to finish??!!  – Step back and watch the Master!”  This is usually the point where I end up eating my words!  But it’s fun!

User Friendliness: Rating:

This app is very easy to use and is set up rich and smooth animation.  The buttons are easily touched and use fun, colorful fonts for an almost arcade game feel.  The graphics on each button are easily understood as you quickly toggle through each page and menu.  The actual pieces slide smoothly onto the puzzle and when in the right spot will ‘lock’ into place with a brief and very faint flash.  In no time you’ll find your way easily through all options in this app.

Versatility: Rating:

Unlike Grandma’s jigsaw on the dining room table, this puzzle game is quite versatile!  You initially have a choice of picking a puzzle from either the Water set, the Cars set, or the Aliens set.  Each set has ten puzzles and as long as you complete the first one you can move to the next one.  Incidentally you can buy other themed sets such as Animal, Dinosaur, Christmas, and Halloween.  Once you’ve chosen your puzzle it can be tried with over 30 pieces or just 6 pieces (Anyone up for some serious SPEED PUZZLE!)  As you work on the puzzle you have the option of utilizing a faint background image as well as a small clue giver as to where a particular piece might go.  It’s almost as if Grandma is right there with you!

Puzzle Me iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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