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PlugShare - Xatori, Inc.

Reviewed by Jon Li


Price: Free

Ah, the age old question; does stamina matter? I am talking about electric vehicles, of course! The PlugShare iPhone app wants to ensure that your EV can go all night long, without running out of electricity!

PlugShare Concept:

In a world where we must label everything from “vertically challenged” to “wisdom enhanced” (for the aging), electric vehicle owners were once tagged as individuals with “range anxiety.” But no more must one live in a shroud of fear by simply wishing better for our planet and our respective pocketbooks! Now, thanks to the PlugShare iPhone App, by Xatori, drivers will know where to recharge!


PlugShare offers a map that clearly displays all available public charging stations. By accessing the GPS system within the iPhone, you are able to pinpoint all local charging stations. What we love most about this app, however, aside from the price (FREE), is that they are taking a community driven approach, thus the data is populated by users, is ever evolving, and with time, it will be an exhaustive resource for electric vehicle drivers to access.


Convenience is the name of the game with the PlugShare iPhone app. Now you can access charging stations on the fly, and with the swipe of your finger. Ah, you can just see the pride and confidence in the once “range anxiety” branded EV crowd – liberation has arrived!

Here is a look at PlugShare in Action!



PlugShare [ iTunes Link ] iPhone app requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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