LA Drivers Shed Tears of Joy by Accessing Parker

Parker iPhone app review

Parker - Streetline, Inc.

Price: $1.99

If you are a city driver, chances are you battle with parking meters. They aren’t around when you need them and, chances are, you can’t find enough spare change to feed the darn thing. What’s a city driver to do?

If you have an iPhone, you may be able to avoid this daily disaster. Hollywood motorists, in particular, are now quite overjoyed to hear that a new iPhone app, known as Parker, allows them to locate parking spaces throughout the city.

Parker Functionality:

The premise is quite simple, actually. The iPhone user pays a small app charge ($1.99) for the “Parker”
app. Then, when they need to find a metered parking space, they simply refer to their “Parker” app to find the nearest parking space. Plus, this cool new iPhone app allows motorists to locate parking meters that can take credit cards, so there’s no sticking your hands down in the seats of your car, hoping to find a few spare quarters.

There are currently 286 metered parking spaces that work in conjunction with the “Parker” iPhone app throughout the Hollywood district. The “Parker” app should be available to Android users soon.

In addition to the “Parker” app, many of today’s new “smart” parking meters allow individuals to pay for their meter using their smart phone. Called “ParkNow,” this new technology allows motorists to first create an account and provide them with a credit card number. Then, they need only find a “ParkNow” meter to use the service.

Motorists can charge the meter to their credit card simply by calling or texting the phone number on the parking meter. When they are ready to leave the parking space, they need only log off the meter, thereby allowing them to pay for only the time used. In addition, this service also alerts motorists when they are nearing the end of their parking period, as well.

The “ParkNow” feature is available for drivers in Hudson, NY, Decatur, GA, and Montgomery County, MD. The transaction fee for “ParkNow” is quite affordable at just 25 to 35 cents per use. Another great advantage to using “ParkNow” is that motorists can print out a record of their monthly parking expenses for business, tax or personal reasons. There are several other companies across the country getting into the “smart” meter game, including Park-by-Phone and Verrus.

Parker iPhone app [ iTunes ] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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