NewtonApples: Phinger Phun with Physics

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

NewtonApples - edenpod

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EdenPod’s NewtonApples iPhone app is a delightful finger-flicking game that attempts to entertain and educate you at the same time. By protecting a sleeping Isaac Newton from falling apples, you’ll uncover hours of apple-popping fun, as well as three of Sir Netwon’s most famous laws.


First and foremost, NewtonApples app is a game about popping apples. In each level of the game, Sir Isaac Newton walks across the screen to slumber beneath an apple tree. As he sleeps, apples and leaves fall from the branches, and it is your job to makes the sure they do not disturb the dreaming physicist. To accomplish this, you must stop the apples by popping them with your finger, slashing them into halves, or flicking them away and off the screen. As more and more apples fall, the process becomes frantic and fun, creating quite a challenge. If any apples fall to the ground, Newton will awake and pace back and forth. If hit again, he will leave, and the game provides you with a big, fat “Fail” for your efforts. Pop enough apples, and the game continues to the next level.

Hidden inside the gameplay mechanic of NewtonApples iPhone app are two extra mini-games that can be unlocked by popping special apples. Both are excellent diversions from a somewhat tiring main-game (especially after several levels) and are great fun to play. I won’t ruin the surprise by saying what they are, but trust me on this one: They’re both welcomed at every opportunity.

Graphics and Sound:

NewtonApples’ textured artwork is a delight to behold, with string-and-paper clouds rolling along in the background and cutout grass swaying in the front. It truly is a beautiful game, and each of the nine moving backgrounds adds a great deal of character to the whole. The tiny details, like the tree’s expressions or Newton’s thoughts, create a blissful backdrop for all the mad finger-mashing fun. Likewise, the music, which is period and light, adds to the serenity of Newton’s slumbers.

I did experience several graphical glitches when playing where the sprites flickered in and out, and though gameplay was uninterrupted, this did bother me. Almost certainly, though, this will be sorted out in future updates.

Overall Value:

At a dollar in the iTunes AppStore, and with a free lite version available, EdenPod’s NewtonApples is hard to pass up. It’s main gameplay mechanic can be a bit tiring after a while, and the graphical glitches were certainly bothersome, but the included mini-games and two different game modes make this app a steal. With a plethora of features and rich artwork, NewtonApples is an app well worth your time during the morning commute or lazy afternoon meeting.

NewtonApples iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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