Netflix Attempts to Score in Latest Update – Misses The Goal

Reviewed by Jon Li

Price: Free

Netflix unassumingly pushed an update to their local fanbase of local iPad app users. Although the app is now more intuitive to utilize, the update removed core functionality that we all have grown to love – wave goodbye to DVD queue.

The elimination of core components did not stop with the disintegration of DVD queue, no, someone at Netflix may have been having a bad day, as the scalpel also sliced off elements of the movie information page. No longer will you find critical reviews, detailed movie data, or user reviews, as the updated user interface now offers  access to only four browsing elements: Home, Genres, Search, and Instant Queue.

If you, like many others, desire to update your DVD list, we shed a tear of compassion, as we must migrate our way to the Netflix website for such capabilities.

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