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myPill - Birth Control Pill Reminder - Hashsoft


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Worried about forgetting to take your birth control pill? Then check out MyPill, a daily pill reminder app from developer Hashsoft, available in both free and paid versions. However, MyPill isn’t just a reminder app-it has a host of features, perfect for helping you stay up to date with your period history and birth control use, helpful for taking control of your personal health!

MyPill sends you customizable notifications and reminders, daily, to take the pill. It also allows you to paste notes regarding your cycle, send custom messages to remind your girlfriends, adjust settings based on pill type and even predict your future pack usage and cycles, helping you plan ahead of time. Features available in the full version of MyPill include being able to customize the number of active pills, SMS/email reminders (super helpful if you want to send other notifications to yourself, or to your friends to help keep them on track with their pills), password protection (certainly useful for those who value their privacy), and custom reminder messages (great for setting up a “code” message that only you will understand, also helping keep this app rather private). MyPill also stops the reminders by default during the seven days of your period, then is set to start again when the next pack of birth control pills starts.


You can choose when you want your first pack pill to start through the built-in calendar and set the reminder notification time. You can also adjust whether or not the pill is marked as taken regardless of your response to the event reminder alert. Also, you can even edit the “take the pill message” to a custom phrase if you use the full version of MyPill. These are all relatively easy to set up, under the “settings” tab in the MyPill app. I found the controls and setup to be quite simple, as everything seems to be neatly organized and arranged. Adding notes (spotting, bleeding, missed a pill, etc) along with a custom note is also easily done through the “packs” menu.
Make sure to be using an iOS device running at a 4.0 or later iOS system, as older models do not allow for local notifications and thus you will miss out on one of the most important features of MyPill.

Graphical Layout:

The loading screen for MyPill is attractive and well-designed, with lighter colors that fit this app. A nice graphical feature is the App Badge that shows the number of remaining pills for the cycle (i.e. 4 pills left, 5 pills left, etc) over the MyPill app icon. You can set this manually, otherwise it will be set at 4 last pills by default. The pill pack graphics are nicely done and add a great realistic touch to the MyPill app. Finally,  lite version of MyPill comes with one basic theme, Caribbean, a light blue and white contrast that is easy on the eyes. However, those who purchase the full version of MyPill have access to two other themes (Pink and Yaz-a light green and white theme), plus more pack themes to arrive in the future!

Ease of Use:

I can’t complain about the ease of use for MyPill for the most part. It’s an excellently designed app and is relatively easy to figure out, even for first time users. The developer of MyPill is very helpful at answering questions about the app, stating in the app that queries are guaranteed “to be answered in a short time.” Facebook, Email and Twitter links for the developer are all provided under the “Support” page of the MyPill app, easily accessible. One feature that would be nice to have included would be greater customization for the length of the no-reminder period. Perhaps Hashsoft will consider adding this in later updates, as it would be very useful.  Overall, the whole app is easy to use and quite flexible with several customizable options. Custom reminder messages and a “snooze” setting are also available, although these features are only in the full, paid version of the MyPill app.

MyPill comes in both free (lite) and a full, paid ($1.99) versions. The lite is more limited, as indicated above, but still useful and can be downloaded for free from iTunes. If you like the lite version of MyPill, consider checking out the full version with all its additional useful options.

myPill [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Katty says:

    This app is great, I love it. Feels really nice, I love the graphics.

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