MayDay Light – The Best iPhone App You May Never Use

Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

MayDay Light - Meidad Pariente

Price: $1.99

It’s time to drive.  Maybe you are going to work, maybe you are coming home from a party, or maybe you’re trying to get to the church on time for your wedding!  In any event, there is always the risk of you or your loved ones getting into an accident.  Hopefully it will never happen but what if?  Are you prepared?  MayDay Light, an iPhone and iPad app by Meidad Pariente, is a built in messenger service that is activated only when you are in an accident.  This is a great app to have but one that hopefully you will never have to use!

Easy Rider – User Friendliness:

This iPhone app is very easy to set up as the menus and buttons are easily manipulated and entering your initial information is a snap.  There are just a few lines of data to input and the terms and conditions to accept and then you’re off and running!  You have up to five contacts to enter if you want and you can change the outgoing message to anything you choose or leave the default message in place.  Once the set up is complete the app is essentially a hands free monitor that is only used if (hopefully never) you have an accident.  If there is a false alarm the app has a large button to head off any message sending.  And if a phone call interrupts the Mayday Light app it is easily turned back on.

A Friend Indeed – Compatibility:

Imagine you and a friend were driving along and “the other guy” on the road unfortunately slams into you!  You were doing 50 MPH at the time and you came to a halt pretty quick!  You are dazed and confused and slightly hurt.  Your friend on the other hand does not have a scratch on him, he is alert, and within 60 seconds he has sent an email to your wife saying one, you have been in an accident, two, please call you, and three, you are at the corner of First and Main!  That app is the “virtual” friend who rides along with you and is there to help in a time of need!  This is something that every driver should always have.

Sophisticated – Technology:

This iPhone app is technologically advanced!  The app developer has stated that he is a space systems engineer, and from the looks of the functionality, it is rather sophisticated. In the set up phase you can specify in the ‘Speed Interrupt Screen’ the minimum speed limit for detecting an accident.  In other words if you set it to 45 MPH, any accident that occurs over that speed will be detected!   Also, once the email notifications have been sent your iPhone’s GPS is in full play to alert your loved ones where the accident took place!  That’s impressive!

MayDay Light iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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2 Responses to “MayDay Light – The Best iPhone App You May Never Use”

  1. This app can save your life! - iPhone Forum says:

    […] that you may have been in an accident and exactly where it happened. Here's a link to a review: MayDay Light Here's the link to the page with information about it. M A Y D A Y And here's the link to the […]

  2. John Barnhart says:

    So, if you are on a phone call, and get into an accident during the call, MayDay won’t do anything? That is my suspicion, being an iPhone developer myself.

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