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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

MailSig - Ziximo


Price: $4.99

Tired of seeing emails with the signature as “Sent from my iPhone?” Take control over your iOS signature with the MailSig iPhone app, a sweet custom email signature app from Ziximo!

MailSig is an app for you to create multiple, customized signatures to apply to your emails sent from your iPod Touch or iPhone. It’s a very useful tool to replace the rather boring “Sent from my iPhone” default signature found in many iOS emails. Furthermore, you can create multiple signature profiles (consider one for personal friends, another for work, school, etc), access them quickly and easily apply them to your emails. Signatures have a wide range of customizable options, including different colored texts and the ability to add images (such as a scanned signature or something similar). MailSig makes the whole process of creating and handling multiple signatures quite easy. This app even has basic templates for different popular signature types, further simplifying the process.


MailSig has very basic yet quite useful controls. Most of the editing involved is done via the on-screen touchpad keyboard. Be prepared to write up a lot of text, as this is exactly what this is iPhone app is for (you’re creating your online signature, you have to write something!). Navigating the menu options is fairly easy and straight forward, definitely an important thing in iOS apps! You can send emails by just tapping on the signature you want to use and you are taken right to your “create email” form.

MailSig iPhone App

Graphical Layout:

MailSig is simplistic, but polished. It will fit right in with other web 2.0 style apps and certainly looks at home on the sleek iOS system. I also give them props for their swell app button logo design, it looks great!

Ease of Use:

With MailSig, one of the first things new users will notice is a tutorial option on start up (“help overview”). You will have to setup the default data (your details, online info, footer, etc) on startup, too. Finally, you can add your custom signatures and all, through a nicely described process in the help overview. If you have further questions, MailSig has a very extensive FAQ included in the app to help users out. It’s impressive to see this level of in-app assistance and guides for new users. Often, other apps will only post their help files online, but MailSig stands out from the pack by including its info and help guides right in the app.

However, setting up a new MailSig signature did take me a little longer than I expected. It’s really not that difficult, but you’ll need to make sure you read over the help overview at least once, or you might miss a few important steps as I did. Still, taking the time to figure out MailSig is definitely worth it-it’s a great iPhone app and you can create some truly remarkable custom signatures with it!

MailSig is a pretty useful iOS app and definitely one that helps keep your emails looking unique and professional. Being able to have multiple signatures and getting rid of the default signature text in emails with something more appropriate is really a great feature. MailSig is available online at the Apple iTunes store, with a free “lite” version  and a full-featured version ($4.99). The lite version of MailSig is a great way to try out MailSig to consider if you would like to purchase the full version of this app. Fix your email signature from your iPhone or iPod Touch today with MailSig!

MailSig iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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