Locaii Taking the Social Location Concept to New Heights

locaii iPhone app review

locaii iPhone app

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The catch phrase of late certainly has to be “social media.” And, let’s face it: social media is where it’s at. So it only makes sense that companies are looking to take the concept of social media one step further; enter Locaii.

Locaii, which is being offered as a free iPhone app, is a “social location” app which affords users the ability to connect or share information regarding places they frequent. Because social location is quickly evolving into a popular sector in the social media realm, locaii has taken this concept to new heights by focusing in on favorite places that people frequent and providing interactive content for those places.

The Social Location Concept

Here’s how social location works: Anyone with a cell phone with GPS technology can locate their friends and network with them based on their location. Most social location technologies allow users to track just their friends, thereby allowing them to receiver real-time information regarding their location and their proximity to each other. In order for social location to work (and for privacy to be maintained), users must “check in” with their social location app. Once they have checked in, their friends are informed.

Bringing Forum-Like Conversations to Social Location

Locaii, which utilizes the social location concept, allows user to post custom polls that detail their experiences about certain places and locations. The locaii iPhone app allows users to manage their network of polls and even win awards through the app’s achievement-based game called Identity.

Locaii essentially allows users to build a network of places, according to location, while also allowing them to provide interactive content that can be shared with others in a social network. In other words, locaii allows a group of people to enter into forum-like conversations about local places and sites.

Locaii’s president, Taylor Cavanah, explains that the app is designed to “bring a sense of local community to this space.” He goes onto say that locaii uses polls and images as conversation starters, “after extensive beta testing proved these to be the most engaging and fun for users.”

Locaii allows users to maintain their privacy, if desired, by keeping their check-ins private or sharing them only with friends.  The locaii app is currently available in the U.S. and Canada, although the company has plans to take it to an international level.

locaii  [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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