LED Machines – Functionality Meets 007 Gadget Technology

Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

LED Machines - LED flashlight,  alarm clock, morse machine, compass & weather forecast for iPhone 4 - AriadneWare


Price: $1.99

Bond, James Bond!  Right out of the repertoire of Mr. Bond, or Maxwell Smart, or even Inspector Gadget, this iPhone app is a lot of fun!  LED Machines by AriadneWare is a flashlight, alarm clock, Morse machine, compass, and weather forecast all in one smooth looking app!

Swiss Army App!

Whether you are thwarting your arch nemesis from overtaking the world or just trying to impress your friends, LED Machines iPhone app is very versatile.   First and foremost the flashlight function is very impressive.  It can be used as a strobe light, the timing and duration of the flash are at your finger tips and can be tied to the sound (or music) at your party!  It can be locked in to turn on while pointed in a specific direction or it can be manipulated by just clapping your hands.  Just the fact that it light up based on sound is worth the price of admission right there!  In addition to telling time the app has a very unique and fun alarm that goes with the clock!  You have several alarm sounds to choose from (was that a cow I just heard?) and you can also import your own music if you choose to wake up to a little head banging!   The alarm also responds to your clap!  You can enter the city you are in and you’ll get instant weather information including the temp, rainy or sunny, and even if there is any wind!  And if you go to the Morse room and type in “This App ROCKS!” your message will be translated and sent out to the world via the LED light just by pushing a button!

Visual delights:

Right out of the Terminator Trilogy!  You could spend hours just watching this machine operate!  The high resolution screens are very polished and smooth and the buttons appear to be three dimensional with a nice metal sheen to them.  You can go to the customer interface screen and select from several intriguing backgrounds or download your own.  There is also a color palette to peruse for that exact hue you’re looking for.  You can choose which clock face you want as each offers distinct and accurate visual communication.  Also the weather report provides matching visuals!  For example if it is going to be cloudy today sure enough you’ll see clouds drifting across the screen!  Talk about a lot of bang for your buck!

Secret Agent!

This iPhone app is sophisticated but also very easy to use.  Each button is teamed with a nice click or machine like noise.  The symbols for each command are understandable and quickly learned.  Most of the functions will be grasped easily after a few run throughs.  And there is an easily accessible user’s manual so you don’t have to enroll in the CIA to learn how to use this app!

LED Machines iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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