Hop on a Motorcycle and Test Your Reflexes in Lane Splitter

Lane Splitter

Lane Splitter - fractiv, LLC

Price: $.99

Time to pop the clutch, cycle through rpm revving gears, and test your reflexes in Lane splitter, a fun, highly addictive, and graphically enthralling iPhone app. Lane Splitter puts you in a tux, as you are late to your wedding, and on the drivers seat of a sports motorcycle and has you careening down the road, without brakes, weaving and dodging your way through each level.

Game Play:

This is the type of game gamers love. Once you start the iPhone app in a matter of moments you are in the action! At first I easily handled the bike and often avoided the few cars which hurled at me. However, I quickly became over confident and as the bike speed up and traffic mounted, I felt like I was on the 405 in Los Angeles, where the average life expectancy of a motorcycle rider is less than six months. As the game progresses it gets faster and the drivers become more ambivalent to your existence, thus your reflexes really get tested.

Graphics and Controls:

The graphics of the Lane Splitter iPhone app really impressed. In fact, they were nearly flawless on the iPhone 4. The details of the road, with tire marks and shadows of over head palm trees, as well as the vehicles, were phenomenal.The graphics were smooth, and fluid, and helped to translate the effects that made the game engaging.

The game is controlled via the accelerometer and it is very snappy and quite responsive. If you tap the screen you will get a boost of speed, which also puts you into a wheelie!

Lane Splitter is available for under one dollar ($.99) and this is truly a bargain for an app that offers high intensity levels of fun, quality graphics, and great controls.

Lane Splitter iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. 

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