Escape to the Beautiful Island of Jeju with the JejuOlleGuide

Reviewed By: Phil Charlton

JejuOlleGuide - airr interactive & Colortive


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If you want to learn more about the striking island of Jeju without leaving your home, then the JejuOlleGuide iPad app from Airr Interactive will prove ideal.

Many people have a strong interest in travel and those that are not able to travel a great deal due to other commitments still like to learn about the different places around the world, especially more obscure places that they may never have even considered visiting in the past. Of course, most of us know plenty about mainstream tourist areas such as New York, Florida, Rome, London, and other major tourist destinations. However, finding out more about far flung destinations that are not quite as well known can be truly fascinating for those of us that have an interest in travel.

Okay, so exploring an island using your iPad may not be quite as exciting as actually traveling there in person, but it is a start. This is exactly what you can do with the JejuOlleguide iPad app from Airr Interactive. This iPad app allows you to explore the beautiful and striking island of Jeju Olle in South Korea – and the best thing is you can do it from the comfort of your armchair without having to spend hours at the airport checking in and waiting to take off. Of course, most of us would be more than willing to spend time at the airport in order to visit in person but if that’s not a possibility then this is at least a start. The app enables you to use professionally taken photos, interactive maps, and text, which is available in a choice of languages, to learn more about the island and its culture.  Of course, if you are planning a trip to this stunning destination then this iPad app will prove invaluable, as you can learn more about the island and explore the area before you even pack your suitcase!


This iPad app is basic in terms of design, but having said that it does not need to be complicated because it doesn’t really require any additional features other than possibly video footage, which could be useful. The app is easy to navigate, with high quality photos and interactive maps to help you to learn more about everything from the terrain to the local culture. The added text makes it all the more user friendly and adds to the thrill of exploring the island through virtual means.


Again, the content on this app is basic but still comes in useful for those with an interest in this area or plans to travel there. You will only find around a dozen photos on the app, which will give you the chance to glimpse this island from your iPad. The accompanying the photos will help to turn this informational app into more of a storytelling app.


This is a good app in terms of its quality and its ability to allow people to tour an island without even getting up from their armchair. It is very basic but it doesn’t need to be complicated for what it does. Navigating is easy, there are some high quality pictures on there, and text can be viewed in different languages, which is very useful. Whilst this app isn’t one that will appeal to anyone outside a certain niche – those interested in travel – it is a fairly good, interesting app if you are traveling to this area or have an interest in it.

JejuOlleGuide iPad app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.2. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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