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Reviewed By: Phil Charlton

InstantNote+ - Aquilonis


Price: $6.99

Users will be able to schedule everything, any way they want with the new InstantNote+ app from Aquilonis

With today’s busy pace of life more and more people are looking for gadgets, devices and iPhone apps that will do all their planning for them, aiding them in living more productive lives. A few decades ago the closest people could get to this was with a filofax. However, over recent years technology has come a long way with a range of devices that make it possible to organize your everyday life. Short of cooking your dinner and cleaning your home, these devices are able to do many things to help with your daily life!

One such device is the iPhone which comes with a range of apps that can help make life more convenient. InstantNote+ is one of these apps, offering a wide selection of scheduling tools that makes day-to-day tasks quite a bit easier.

Usability Factor

As productivity apps are concerned the InstantNote+ app is a brilliant scheduling tool that lets you essentially plan out your entire day, down to finest detail.

The initial impression of this app slightly overwhelming. When opening this iPhone app you are hit by a main screen filled with rows of times at intervals of 15 minutes and a row of buttons at the bottom of the screen that appear to allow you to apply a variety of settings to the times on the main screen. The app does provide an information button that explains how the app works, but it still takes a while to get used to setting up the schedules.

InstantNote+ is not simply a one function wonder. Rather, it aids you in scheduling a gamut of tasks including text reminders, voice reminders, a call scheduler, SMS scheduler, alarms, and email schedulers.  By having access to all of these features, and maintaining them within one simple to use app, you will find that your tasks will be streamlined, and thus more easily manageable.

Value For Money

There is no doubt that InstantNote+ is an all singing, all dancing scheduling tool that easily rivals any of the other scheduling apps that are currently available. Whether this justifies such a high price tag is likely to raise considerable debate amongst users. While there are alternatives, and certainly many are less expensive, we still believe that the robust features and scheduling elements found with InstantNote+ warrant serious consideration.

** Update – Since the original reivew, InstantNote+ Has dropped their price significantly, from $9.99 to $6.99 and thus we feel this is much more competitive.


We were quite pleased with the functionality of InstantNote+, however, our one kink was the welcome screen. A handy how-to guide would help new users to immerse themselves into the app more easily. Yet, if you take a moment to digest the buttons and features, overall all they are quite intuitive, and we believe that it can this app will be a valuable tool when scheduling the busy tasks of your day-to-day life.

InstantNote+ iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.0 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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