Say Hola to a New Language with Immersive Spanish iPhone and iPad App

Immersive Spanish iphone app

Immersive Spanish - Learn and Study - Wattanasoft


Price: $1.99

Learning a new language has always proven to be quite a challenge for me, and I settled on Spanish several years ago due to an upcoming trip to Buenos Aires, and statistically I felt it would come in handy in the US, and more specifically, San Diego where I was residing. I tried several tutorials and even coughed up a small fortune for Rosetta Stone. Looking back now, I wish I simply had access to the new Immersive Spanish iPhone app, also available for the iPad.

Immersive Spanish possesses the elements of learning a new language that have worked for me previously, as well as elements found in robust software titles.  However, the app itself is under a dollar ($.99)!  By utilizing a variety of sensory elements, my mind is able to formulate memory triggers. Immersive Spanish is easy to get started, and they suggest that sounds + pictures equals words, which works for me.

Quality of Content:

Immersive Spanish helps you to build a solid foundation for your new language of choice. Their approach is to help you speak like a local by dissecting each world and breaking it down into syllables. I suppose I was a hooked on phonics type of child, as phonetic spelling was where  I first garnered traction with the English language, and the iPhone app has people like me covered with their “sounds like” feature that shows the phonetic spelling. I am also a rather visual person, and visual learning tends to enhance my memory, or certainly it augments the way I learn, and again the Immersive Spanish app caters to this need by offers definable images with each word.

Features and Value:

I felt that the features offered in the Immersive Spanish iPhone and iPad apps are robust, and quite frankly, they are reminiscent of my former Rosetta Stone experiences.  It helped me to quickly brush up on my Spanish skills, but it was also great for those who are learning for the first time. It offers instant translations for immediate benefit and helps you to quickly string words into sentences.  Furthermore, with the syllable break down, you don’t just mutter the words; you actually learn proper pronunciation. All of this for less than a burrito? I’m sold!

Immersive Spanish  [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

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  1. Sam says:

    iPads are a better platform for developing learning Apps. Hence we are just focusing on that platform.

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