If I Had a Woozzle I’d Woozzle All Across This Land

Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

Woozzle - Flash Technical


Price: $1.99

Woozzle, an iPhone app by the Czech developer Mugeaters, offers one of the best marble-based gaming experiences to ever hit the iPhone. Combining easy to pickup gameplay with masterful puzzles, as well as whole heaps of levels, Woozzle is a success in every way an iOS puzzler should be.


At its core, Woozzle is built around a series of tubes and the multicolored marbles that roll between them. Attached to these tubular networks are rotating sockets for the marbles, which can be scrolled with a tap to open up available slots. Once tucked away, marbles can be sent off again with a flick of a finger. If pointed in the direction of an open tube, off the marble goes, following the tube until it reaches either an obstruction or another collector. Match up four marbles of the same color, and they disappear Tetris style. The concept sounds simple, but Mugeaters have done their darnedest to make Woozzle a challenge worthy of any Puzzlenaut.

Within the first twenty or so levels, Woozzle delivers innovation after innovation to the seemingly simple concept of collecting like-colored marbles. By adding one-way tubes, rotating corners, marble-painting boxes, monochrome collectors, and a whole heap of other complications, the gameplay is consistently fresh. By the time the quirks stop coming, the focus has shifted from adding new elements to simply solving the puzzles—which is pleasantly difficult, I assure you. The game rewards players for beating the tubes quickly, but there’s no penalty for studying the level longer, a luxury I took full advantage of. Once solved, the game offers up a point reward which is added to the user’s grand total, as well as the simple satisfaction of having solved the beast.



Levels and Design:

Everything about Woozzle’s design feels top-notch. The game features a tropical jungle theme, which perfectly compliments the wooden tubes and marble racks. Likewise, the peppy guitar-oriented soundtrack is enlivening but not invasive. Levels are creative and challenging, as they should be, and the animations are fluid and responsive. Mugeaters has taken the time to develop a superbly crafted experience in Woozzle. I had the luxury of reviewing the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the app, but the game is also available in HD for the iPad, if that’s how you roll.

Overall Value:

With a total of sixty levels to be scrolled, slid, and tapped through, Woozzle offers a deep puzzle experience that will take several hours at the least to finish. With a user-based level designer in the works, it’s hard not to find a value in what the game has to offer. If you’re a puzzle-maniac, or even just a casual gamer, the app will feel right at home in your Games folder.

Woozzle iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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