On Your Marks, Get Set, Have Fun with Go Car Go!

Reviewed By Jackson S.

Go Car Go - Caravan Interactive, Inc


Price: $.99

Go Car Go is a new iPhone app released from the minds of  Caravan Interactive, Inc. It features a fun and interactive way to use your imagination and creative skills to construct a car that will make it’s way through a series of obstacle courses.  You have to use your ingenuity to create the perfect car in weight, size, and parts that are given to you.  All of the materials are affected by the environmental conditions of the course.  If you build a car too heavy, it won’t get up the hills; but if you build it too light it could topple over.  This game is simple and quick enough to hold your interest, and fun enough to entertain you for hours.


The graphics in Go Car Go are a funny throwback to stick art on index cards.  It’s kind of like drawing a crude animation on multiple cards and flipping through them to create the motion.  The graphic motion is fast and fluid.  This game is so fun and humorous the silly graphics just add to the overall feel.


This game is addictive.  The first time I started it up, I ended up playing it for over 30 minutes.  It’s hilarious to watch your Frankenstein car-creation try to navigate its way up the hills and ramps of the courses.  You can build the most strange contraption, just to see if it will work.  The courses add new levels of difficulty and require more thought on how to get to the finish line.  You can also get stars and bonus points for building a car that will get to the star in each level.  It takes some fun thought to get the bonus points.

Fun Factor

Go Car Go is a blast.  It is so simple in its nature, but this allows you to focus on the fun parts of the game.  I was able to zip through certain levels, but then had to go back to the drawing board several times to redesign a car that would be the perfect balance of what was needed to get to the finish line.  They give you a bunch of choices on building materials and funny tires to get you going.  Sometimes you have to add weight to the front so it won’t tip over when its flying though the air from a jump.  All of the factors make for a very fun and entertaining game.


At only $0.99, Go Car Go is well worth the investment.  I got my money’s worth in the first few minutes.  I went back to the game several times throughout the day to try and beat that next level.  I think that people will enjoy this game and play it over and over.  There are also many levels, so it could take a while to fully conquer.

Download this app and get go car going!  You will love its fun and creative design and play.  It will be a great addition to your library when you need to kill some time and have a blast.

Go Car Go iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. richtaur says:

    Looks cool! I dig the hand-drawn art style. Reminds me of Teen Girl Squad.

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