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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Global Sounds - Pioneer Corporation


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Global Sounds is an interesting app for audio fans with an international community twist. Ever wanted to record memorable or interesting moments on audio and replay them easily? How about share fantastic audio recording with the entire world, just from your iPod Touch or iPhone? You can do this and more with Global Sounds, from the Japanese corporation, Pioneer.

The Global Sounds iPhone app allows you to record audio of your choice, than save it and add a note, along with a relate photo or image. It’s like making a virtual scrapbook of memorable audio moments, especially great for families and the like. But wait, that’s not all that Global Sounds does! One of the most interesting (and in my opinion, the coolest) feature of Global Sounds is the world map audio search function. Here, users can view a giant map of the world and choose sounds from all over to listen to, complete with a picture note describing the content. In just a few minutes, I listened to a market in Tunis, a bus in China, and a forest in SE Asia. It is really exciting to discover new sounds from people thousands of miles away and it really helped me obtain a greater appreciation for different cultures and countries across the world.


Global Sounds has a layout that will make most iOS users feel right at home. Browsing between screens is accomplished with simple taps on the touch screen. To view and listen to awesome audio clips from all over the world, users just have to scroll and zoom in or out across a sweet world map. Interested in what the most popular audio clips are? Just hit the related tab to check these out (many are from Japan, but an English explanation is often also available).  You’ll need an active internet connection, either through your wireless network or your data plan, to access these cool “global” features.

Graphical Layout:

For the most part, Global Sounds has a great graphical layout and is quite easy on the eyes. It’s fairly polished, graphically. I was most impressed with Global Sound’s world map browsing ability, as it loaded quickly, and transitions between different levels of zoom were seamless, even on older iOS devices. The loading screen for Global Sounds was a little bit distracting (sort of clashes with the overall graphics theme), but it’s not a major issue. Overall, the graphics of Global Sound and overall layout are sufficient and well-picked for this audio app.

Ease of Use:

Browsing Global Sounds is simple and easy, even for new users. I was able to load the app and browse audio recording from all over the world without looking for any extra instructions. However, if you do get lost, just tap the (i) icon on the top left hand side of the screen for help.  You won’t be able to record on older iPod touch devices without an added mic, but this shouldn’t be a problem with the newest iPod Touch (4th gen) or the Apple iPhone. Of course, you can still listen to sounds from around the world, even with older iPod Touch versions. Scrolling and zooming in and out around the world map is quite intuitive and should be a breeze for most users familiar with iOS and other smartphone operating systems.

Global Sounds is a very interesting app and one that many people may find quite entertaining and educating. It’s also a super bargain, available at the Apple iTunes store for free!

Global Sounds [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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