Foursquare App Goes 3.0 – Gets 4 Stars!

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Foursquare is slated to release their eagerly awaited iPhone app, and Andriod app, tonight! The newly launched Foursquare app will be version 3.0, and the company has indicated that it will offer a plethora of new features.

New Foursquare Features:

Foursqaure loves that their large and expansive audience has opinions, but Foursquare has opinions of their own, and they want to share them with you. To this end, Foursquare believe that their new “Explore” button would be a perfect venue to do just that. You see explore will allow the Foursqaure iPhone app to recommend nearby locations that they believe would be of interest to you, based upon your a variable cocktail of factors, such as where you have been, where your friends have been, your loyalty and more.

Foursqaure is also boasting a newly updated “leaderboard,” allowing users to engage in competitions with their friends. Ah, but here comes the good stuff! Within the next week restaurants will now have an ability to offer their coveted deals to more than just mayors. That’s right, us fellow friends, and even new visitors will have access to these deals! Through the new leaderboard you will also be able to obtain a larger volume of points for a variety of different checkins.

What does this all mean for the massive Foursqaure? It means we have reason to  APPLAUSE! A great new iPhone app update is on the way and we can Foursqaure our way to more points, targeted recommendations, and by all means, a plethora of new deals.

iTheme [ iTunes Link ] iPhone app requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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