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Reviewed By: Luke Patrick

Finger Map - Find nearby places to go - Jellycoaster Inc.

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Finger Map is a location-based map app by Jellycoaster that finds local businesses, hotels, restaurants, pubs, trams, parking, and just about anything else you’re looking for. The app serves as a front-end for both Google Maps and Foursquare, providing you with updated information on locations in your area.


As stated, where Finger Map truly shines is the sheer number of locations and businesses it’s ready to locate. The different location types are arranged in a well-designed list (complete with neat blue icons) and when clicked, each produces a comprehensive array of all matching businesses in the area. For example, clicking the restaurant tab produces a list of the closest restaurants using Google Maps. If you don’t like Google, Finger Map also offers the ability to search Foursquare for locations. I quite liked this feature, as the Foursquare list is not based on proximity to the user, but rather how many people have checked in to each location recently. This made it incredibly easy to see where people go the most, a feature I thought particularly useful for any travelers that like to stay on the beaten path. And of course, either list offers a map button that takes the user straight to Google Maps for directions and ratings.

The other feature Finger Map is most proud of—judging from their promo video —is called Place Memo. By clicking the Place Memo button at the bottom of the app, the user is presented with a list of folders. Using these folders, location-based memos can be created and saved for perusal later, presumably while on the go. Having the ability to create personalized notes using geo-tagged locations seemed very useful to me, and with the option to create separate folders for certain places, one could easily create an entire trip itinerary using Place Memo.

Interestingly, no help file or documentation of any kind is offered within the app, so you’ll have to push all the buttons to really get a feel for what Finger Map has to offer.


Though feature-rich, Finger Map does rely quite heavily on Google Maps to get the job done, and the fact that most iPhone users already have Google’s map app installed makes the app difficult to recommend. Finger Map does a wonderful job of presenting data from both Google Maps and Foursquare, but it doesn’t add anything new to either service. However, I did enjoy the Place Memo feature, and considering Finger Map’s price of admission—absolutely free—the ability to create personalized, location-based notes just might be a deal-maker for you. I did encounter several halting crashes (especially when using Foursquare) so we are hoping for greater stability in future updates to Finger Map.

Finger Map iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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