Disco iPhone App Hopes to Get Down…loaded

Disco iPhone App


Price: Free

Google slid on a pair of white bell bottom pants, a polyester shirt, a few gold chains, pointed one finger in the air and another at the ground and then… silently launched a new group messaging app. Disco enters the popular, and rather crowded, group messaging dance floor.

Disco is a project of Slide, a company acquired by Google last year. Their release of Disco is poised as beta, with the potential of further enhancements in due course, provided initial feedback warrants an encore. Without further ado, we strutted with Disco for a bit, and we felt the app is not as groovy as we had hoped.

Disco is free, and this is a positive first step. However, thereafter, the Disco iPhone app stumbled. In its current form, the app is laden with bugs, it lacks push notifications, the interface is generic, and it does not possess robust features offered by many competitors, such as GroupMe, Convore, etc.

Ultimately, it feels that Disco wishes to test the waters before committing to this app, hence in addition to the lack of features and bugs you will also not find Disco available to Android users at the moment. However, without making the same commitment that so many other group messaging apps have, it may be hard to cultivate an active and interested audience. Thus, I suppose the question is, can Disco keep Stayin’ Alive?

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